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BITCOIN MARKET..........Crypto Markets Continue Experiencing Slump


The crypto currency markets have continued their slump, with Bitcoin (BTC) briefly dipping below $10,000 yesterday and picked up slightly today to $10,310 at press time Feb 23, and altcoin Ethereum (ETH) edging closer to $870.

Total market cap is down as well, around $430 bln by press time, down from last week when it broke $500 bln.

Bitcoin is currently trading a little over $10,000, down almost 7 percent over a 24-hour period by press time. Bitcoin’s tolerance had seen a monthly high of 34.9 percent, a high barely broken today with market indicators showing a 39.5 percent BTC dominance.


Ethereum is down 6.5 percent over a 24-hour period, trading around $870 by press time.


Altcoin Ripple (XRP) has seen a large dip this week as well. After Saturday, Feb. 21’s, high of $1.21, Ripple is currently trading at around $0.94, down almost 6.6 percent over a 24-hour period by press time.


After the Feb. 20 launch of Venezuela’s oil-backed government cryptocurrency, the Petro, Twitter user dark pill pointed out that the unrelated and “abandoned” cryptocurrency PetroDollar (XPD) briefly saw a price rise on CoinMarketCap potentially due to a similarity in name.


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