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10 STEPS OF DESPERATE FAITH........For Healing and Breakthroughs!

Ref: Woman with issue of Blood!
        Mark 5:24–34 

The woman with the issue of blood had a bleeding condition, which lasted for twelve years and probably making it difficult for her to have children within those long years.  The bible said she spent all her money on treatment, moving from one doctor and hospital to another, without solution, instead the the blood issue grew worse.

I believe she then heard about the miracles that Jesus had been performing, healing the sick and casting out demons from people inside the synagogue and on the street.  Upon hearing the miracles of Jesus, her faith was revived and she began to feel that a solution is after all possible.

Her faith being lifted meant she would have to take some necessary steps to actualize her dream.  Please be courageous to talk steps and calculated risks to actualize your dream.  It is your duty to take the steps and it is God's portion to encourage and uphold you till you succeed or overcome - Read the story of how Peter walked on water with Jesus Christ.

This woman knew the restrictions her condition had placed her - for as a bleeding woman, she may not enter into the synagogue with others to worship, because the Law classified her as unclean and after 12 years she has exhausted everything on her and had become desperate for miracle.  When you become desperate and hungry for miracles, ideas will come up to your heart and you can tell when the right one comes.

Then when she heard that Jesus was passing through her neighbourhood, she saw an opportunity of a life time in that News and within some split seconds, she came up with a master plan that we are still talking about today, 2000 years after.

What did she do?
"The 10 Steps"

  1. Her condition got desperate  Mark 5:25
  2. Tried several remedies and pysicians v26
  3. She spent all her resources in the process without solution v26
  4. The she heard of Jesus and the miracles v27
  5. She was determined to push through the crowd and touch Him v27
  6. She planned and plotted her escape strategy to touch him v27-28
  7. She then exercised faith v28
  8. She received instant healing v29
  9. She knew she was healed - as the bleeding stopped instantly v33
  10. She  made her confession to Jesus, which became her Testimony and Jesus said to her. 

"Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole, go in peace, and be whole of thy plague" - acknowledging her faith and bravity.  

Due to the greatness of the crowd, it took determination and desperation for this woman to press through the mass of people to just simply touch Jesus...And Jesus wanted the woman and the crowd to know that His garments had not caused her to be healed, but the strength of her faith. 

She spoke to herself and said 'If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole' - Mark 5:28.

It confirms that indeed, whenever a strong faith is exerecised, God cannot over look it. By exercising her faith in a difficult and challenging situation, the mercy and power of Christ was revealed.  It also show us with Jesus Christ, the law that classified her as being unclean due to her bleeding condition was put on hold -  because Jesus died for her cleansing and therefore, she is no longer unworthy, but worthy.

So, believe is your connection and when you exercise that faith, your victory is sure.  God is moved to action by our faith, even when He’s in the middle of doing something else and God is also moved by our confession and testimony.

Think of it, Jesus could have healed the woman and kept on walking to His original destination. Only He and the woman would have known what had taken place. But He didn’t do that. He stopped to allow the woman make her confession of the good thing the Lord did for her and after her confession, the Lord ceiled her healing and said “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” - Be made whole!

This piece is meant to motivate you to fight what is fighting you. Get desperate with unfavourable conditions of life and be determined to win.  In your desperation, see no obstacles, see no limitations, rather be ready to pull down every opposing spiritual and physical hinderance that  may come your way.

Don't forget the devil is watching to see what you will do, whether you have faith in your God or not, and whether you are bold enough to exercise your faith unto victory.  

When you are down, and you want to come up again, get ready to do the things you have not done before, so you can get the result you have never had in the past.  Pray more targeted prayers and work harder in the day and the Lord will reward you with success.

Beloved, the fire of God in you will not go down, also your faith will not fail.  You will remain faithful to God and serve Him till the end in Jesus Christ name.

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