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Trust God

WOMEN.............Do Not Dress like this Anywhere - Why Destroy your brothers?

          Pastor and a female member


Always use your body to glorify God.  

What will you gain when you dress like the lady in the picture to the Church of God?  Your body and everything in you is the Lord's...bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

I hear some women dress to make themselves happy...that they are in vogue and receiving enough attention.  But ask yourself if you are not being worldly and canal.  Ask yourself if it is worth it in the house of God to dress like that. 

You end up distracting men who came to church to seek God and His deliverance from pollution and spirit of lust out there in the world.  

Its actually a sin to cause a brother to stumble or fall from faith.  Let's fear God and know that perilous times are here with us.

The pressure to look attractive notwithstanding, a christian sister should always
glorify God in her dressing and be a model of decent dressing for youths.


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