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WOMEN OF FAITH.......ALL SISTERS ARE NOT BAD..........Pray the good ones (Destiny helpers) come you way!

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There are good Bothers and Sisters!

One thing that is happening in the body of Christ is brothers and sisters disappointing themselves in relationship and in business.  This is one weapon of the devil to cause disaffection among believers. It is also happening because many are in the church, but at different levels in their spiritual growth and walk with the Lord.

This scenario is not going to change over night, if it will ever change till Christ comes, so you have to be aware of that fact and then find every possible means to love your brothers and sisters, including those weak with money and those who are secretly struggling with hardship and lack.

This knowledge is very important to all of us in-view of the commandment of our Master that we should love our bothers and sisters in the faith, for by so doing, many will know we are his disciples.

In James gospel 4:11, we are warned not to speak evil of one another, neither should we judge one another.

Apostle Paul prayed for the Thessalonian Christians that the Lord make them increase and abound in love one towards  another, and towards all men, even as he had towards them...to the end that they may be established in holiness before God.  Loving the brethren has a contribution to make in you christian life, in establishing you in holiness.

The watch-word is that everyone should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour, not in the lust of concupiscence as people who do not know the Lord.  If we can control our tongue, there will be less trouble;  If we can control ourselves and the motions of lust and sin which the devil tempt us with, then we will not go beyond and defraud our brothers and sisters in any matter - because we know the Lord is the avenger of all such matter.

If we humble ourselves before the Lord, we will not despise any brother or sister in the faith because whosoever despiseth another despiseth God.  Let brotherly love continue among all believes is a sue equirement for mutual spiritual growth and victory.

Love talks about forgiveness and patience with all brethren for many are yet to be established in the faith, many are struggling with different challenges and do not know how to handle many issues yet.

When we live in light of God's word and apply ourselves to it, we receive a lot of benefits.  We cannot run the race alone, we need good friends and brothers to fulfill our destiny in Christ, and so we have need for wisdom .....in all matters.

Remember, not all brothers and sisters are bad.  There may be some that are bad, but a lot are good people who wish you well and wants to see you in heaven also.  In the same way, it is not all neighbours that are bad; it is not all Landlords that are bad.  Good and bad people abound and work everywhere.  If you have been meeting the bad ones who are always taking advantage of you or cheating you or duping you of your hard-earned money,. it could be that you are focusing on the bad ones and that's why you are meeting them,  or it could be that you have not forgiven them and so the events of the past is still hindering your present.

It is time for a new beginning - Focus now on the good ones, destiny helpers and friends that stick closer than brothers as the bible called them.  It is time to pray and ask God to send good brothers and sisters your way.  People who will help you fulfill you destiny.

It is time to forgive every offense of that brother or sister and move forward with your life, praying, believing and hoping to meet the good brothers who will add value to your life and support you without expecting anything in return.

Benefits of Godly Bothers and Sisters:

1. They will encourage you to be steadfast in following Christ - James 5:16

2. They will support you with godly advice, when you need one urgently.  They’ll help you figure out what God would actually want you to do in your situation.

3. Godly Companion - They provide a wonderful company any day, which helps you to be firmly established in the faith.  Depending on their passions, you will benefit from their strength in different areas of life.  If you friend is a faith filled man, you will soon become so faith conscious and filled that you too can move mountains with your faith.  If he is a holiness conscious friend, soon you will know the importance of holiness to a believer and why God is demanding that we be holy.  You will also know the benefits of holiness.

Finally for now, godly friend can actually assist you in different matters from financial to material and advice.  But remember that in the area of financial assistance, do not expect or ask financial help from an opposite sex brother or sister diectly.  If you think he/she can assist you financially, then pay to God for help and later share your problem with that person and if God so approve of his/her help, the Spirit of God will quicken that bother or sister to assist you.

But a brother can request financial assistance from another bother, likewise the sisters. There are many good believers, ask God to direct the good ones to you.


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The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!


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