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REVIVAL BEGINS..... From the Church - Repent, lie No more, Payoff your debts!

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Let the Revival Begin!

A Revival happens when there is a great awakening in the conscience of people about God, His way and His commandments. 

A revival is a deep outpouring of the Spirit of God upon the people of God that opens their eyes to their sins and unrighteousness, as a result of which you will hear many crying for help, mercy and forgiveness of their secret and open sins.

The word “revival”  mean to  “to bring back to life,” to “restore to consciousness,” or to “restore to a previous condition.”  As we commonly say, “The drowning victim was miraculously revived.” Taken together, revival means a restoration, rejuvenation, or renewal of  heart of men for the things of God.

A revival will also come with it a deep feeling for souls and how to recover millions from the kingdom of darkness unto light.  We can no longer ignore the issue of sin and soul winning in the body of Christ today because sinners and anything that is not pure will not inherit the kingdom of God.  

It is time to preach and teach the word with power and save people that God brought into the churches - for many are in the church who are not yet born again.  It is fact the many people claiming to be born again are not grounded in the word of God and in the doctrines of the Kingdom.  Our God has long suffering, yet many believers do not know what long suffering means and how it applies to their daily lives.

Why Do We need Revival in the Church?

You will agree that the love for God has grown cold among believers. The word of God is scarcely in the heart of many and so, many believers find it difficult to be different from the rest of the world in behaviour, speech or action.  The greater danger of not being renewed by the word is that we are hardly able to prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We have people among the saved telling lies and cheating people in business just like the unbelievers. The Lord says 'present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable sacrifice, but we see sisters dressing like the unbelieving ladies on the street, not covering their body well or handling their body with honour. 

Many believers have found it difficult to renounce the hidden things of dishonesty, craftiness and deceit, even to the extend of handling God’s word deceitfully.  Sin is no longer receiving enough attention in the pulpit, rather it is blessing and other motivational teachings which only massages the egos of people in the church, and so pride, hidden and open pride is creeping in again among believers.

Apostle Paul said we know no man by the flesh, but today, men are known by the flesh, by their oratory and charismatic prowess. They are chosen to minister in the house of God, others who can sing well are enrolled into the choir and elegant looking ladies are place in protocol and ushering unit to the hurt of the cold churches.

An unbeliever brother who was followed up for months eventually went to church on a particular Sunday.  This brother met an usher who admired him and after the service they greeted and the lady collected his phone number.  Later in the evening, the usher called him and wanted to know if he was at home and he said yes.  Before he could understand what was happening, the usher has landed his house and before you say Jack Robinson, he slept with that usher that same Sunday evening.

This guy was my colleague in the office at that time and when I asked how his church service experience was, he told me the usher he met in the church visited him same day and they slept together and I was so disappointed.

Its part of coldness… that we place smart looking ladies in protocol and ushering without knowing their spiritual level, and many of them come to church looking worldly and seductive and before you know what is going on there, they have captured young men and women coming to church with their spirit of lust.

The symptoms of spiritual weaknesses facing the church are many:
1. Compromise - People compromise when they are desperate or greedy. We should teach people the fruit of the spirit long suffering and patience.

2. Lack of concern for the lost and the suffering in the world (1 Corinthians 10:23). How can we see or read the world news, considering all the suffering in the world, and not be moved by it? If we are not, we definitely need spiritual renewal or revival.

3. Hiding or covering secret sins (Numbers 32:23). If we find ourselves covering or excusing our sins, or rationalize, “I will have to change that…someday,” we may well need spiritual revival.

4. Having an unforgiving spirit (Matthew 6:14-15). Some people declare that, “I can forgive, but I can’t forget.” An unforgiving spirit is a strong indication that we need spiritual revival. We are to put on the mind, the views, and the feelings of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). God forgives and forgets sins once we’ve repented of them. 

5.  Selfishness and pride (Proverbs 29:23). We are reminded in Proverbs 16: 18 that “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Pride and vanity were the cause of Lucifer’s fall (Ezekiel 28:17). We must beware, lest his attitude is reflected in us. If we find ourselves feeling superior or puffed up, we need the humility of revival.

6.  Envy and bitterness - Animosity toward other Christians. It is said that we can pick our friends, but we cannot pick our brethren. 

All of these symptoms are strong indications that we need to draw closer to God and His Word.

What Should we Do?

Revival is a call to holiness and awakening to our responsibilities in the kingdom, so we need to see ourselves for who we are sinners and people with different spiritual weaknesses that need the help of the Holy Spirit of God. 

We need to repent of our sins, whatever they may be.  If we owe people money which we have withheld for long time, please pay them off. People have worked for you and you are owing them for services rendered to you, please pay them their wages.

You took someone's book many years ago and it has remained with you, please return such book or money to the owner.  Whatever you got from people wrongly or by deceit, when the spirit convicts you, you will look for the person and return his property, book or money back to them.

A revival will renew our inner man to the Word of God, and willingly, a man that put away his wife will look for her and bring her back to his house as God hates divorce and no child of God is allowed to put away his wife, except foe adultery - if the man cannot forgive her.

We need a revival that destroys self pity, discouragement and disillusionment which some believers are feeling today, all because they do not have the Word of God to guide them.  Many have remained without the sweet word of God in their spirit and so have no answer to all the darts of the enemy and 

When the Spirit of God is poured out unto the church, we will  see ourselves as we are—as God sees us; and stop playing church, as relationship with God is personal and corporate.  We need Personal, family and church unit revival. 

Benefits of Revival in the Church:

That some people get offended in the church when a hard messages are preached does not men it should not be preached.  We have a duty teach and preach the ways of God and warn of the dangers of serving God with worldly wisdom.

That people know what is good and bad does not mean we should not preach and teach the fruit of the Spirit in full.  Our God has long suffering, even God Almighty has long suffering, but His children do not know what long suffering means and how it applies to their lives - This is the reason why many commit suicide when things begin to go the way for them. 

Without patience, many of the promises of God for us will not be received, yet our brothers and sisters do not know that patience and trial means in their daily lives.  The bible said we have need for patience, so that after we have prayed and fasting for anything we need from God, have need for patience to receive it.  Faith without patience is weak and faulty, can often times dangerous.

That our women are born again and mothers does not mean we will not preach the dangers of them relating with wrong people – for the bible say evil communication corrupt good manners.  Men and women must know when a casual relation is getting emotional and inappropriate and withdraw.

Most women always looking for assistance or help from men who are not their husband are still joking.  Whether you are married or single, be content with what you have and work hard and pray for what you want.

I cannot forget an argument I had with an unbelieving young lawyer, who told me there is no difference between married Christian women and single ladies.  That statement so embarrassing to me and an insult to women and mothers. I asked him why he said so.  This young man told me how in their Law School – where they congregate for one year to complete their Law degree program, there is no difference in the way married women related to men. 

Relationship is one area the devil stand ready to pollute, disgrace or destroy peoples salvation. He is ready to use any body, known and unknown to you to de-robe you from faith and leave an evil seed which could be used again and again against that person in the future.

Beloved, the truth is that God is no respecter of persons.  Any one that toys with sin and dance in the place where ‘angels dread’ is looking for trouble.  Remember that the devil is smarter than you.

As I write this message, there are brothers and sisters having an affair in the church and numerous other lovers outside the church, is that right with the word of God – NO.

Are we talking of members only, when there are Pastors and men of God who practically abandon their duties to their wives and concentrate on prayers and church activities, and by the time they get home they are worn out.  A woman is a woman.  

The sexual needs of a wife should be satisfied in marriage because that is one of the good reasons for marriage, whether she is a Pastor’s wife or not.  The care and attention women expect from their husbands should not diminish because they are Pastor’s wives.  I used to live in a house with another man of God, a Pastor, who always come home in the afternoon to be with the wife and family before returning to continue his work in the church in the evening.

Revival will help us deal with the question of sin, for unless our lives are right with God, all the prayer and fasting may be in vain.  Iniquity, no matter how trivial separates us from God and all His blessings.  Because of sin, prayers are not HEARD by God and certainly not answered

God is a good God, willing and ready to bless us, but David said “if I  regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me”.  Sin must be confessed and put away and nobody will do it for you and me.  We have to examine our ways and confess those secret and open sins we have committed unto God and repent of them.  

Your own may be idol – you idolize your husband or wife and if he says don’t go to church today, that is it and you will not go to church, your own may be cheating people in business, your own may be telling lies again and again, when you are a child of God, your own may be you have secret lover – office wife or husband.  I was shocked when I learnt of office wife and husband that people have outside their marriages…but remember the devil is smarter.  

The Lord said in Jeremiah “Is not my word like a Fire saith the Lord, and like a Hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces, that shall not come back to God void?
We will not be the evil people God spoke about in Jeremiah 13:10, who refuse to hear His words, which walk in the imagination of their heart, and to walk after other gods, to serve them and to worship them…who the Lord said would be like a girdle, which is good for nothing.
Revival starting from the church will reawaken us all of the need for us to receive the Word of faith, study and meditate on it daily and obey the word and do it.  That is what Revival will do for the church – conviction of our sinful lifestyles followed by a willingness to repent and change for the better in line with God’s word.

Let us cry to God for mercy, as we have all fallen short of our calling as righteous and holy people separated unto God, to show forth His glory on the earth.  A people called to the praise of the Father and to winning souls for the kingdom of heaven.

Lets us prepare our ways, Jesus Christ is coming back soon.


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