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OFFICE DRESS .......What is casual Friday, Skimpy dress could get You Fired!

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Casual Friday ....NO

Casual Friday

Many working class people look forward to Friday, a day when most activities in the office is low-keyed as it marks the end of a hectic work week and the beginning of a much needed weekend. 

At Fireinthebone, we don't celebrate much of Casual Friday, though we know what it means to working class people.  In my clime, we say TGIF - Thank God its Friday.

For companies that observe it,  it is something the whole team looks forward to. There is something about the casual dress code that boosts employee moral.

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Arabian Friday  ...NO

 But, how best can employees appreciate and balance leisure or casual dressing with professional standard workplace dress.  I have entered some offices on Friday and be shock at some employee sense of judgement on which casual is ok for the office.

Sincerely speaking, some employee's choice of Friday casual dress is not good enough.  Employees are usually divided between those who would dress formal throughout the week and the other group that cannot wait for Friday to 'Water down' their appearance.

Research found out that those who stick with the formal business attire all week argue that a casual day results in poor work performance and “slacking”, meanwhile the 60% that go casual once a week have different a view on the issue. 

Some say a relaxed environment encourages creative thinking and workers are more focused on work. Personally I would argue that it prevents absenteeism and increases productivity on a day where most “suits” are sitting on the edge of their chair waiting for it to hit 5’o clock.

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                                           Light out Casual ......NO

Like most issues regarding an office environment, there are pro’s and con’s in allowing a casual day at the office. Many employers are having a hard time adopting dress-code policies that encourage both productivity and professionalism. 

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Casual Friday....No

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Strictly with Jacket ooooo!

Trusting your employees to use good judgment is essential to develop and maintain a loyal and dedicated work team. So by calling it Casual Friday, yet providing a list of “Don’ts” you are basically saying that “You can be comfortable on our terms, not your own”. There should always be room for self-expression at work, even in the most traditional “old school” corporations. 

The question should not be where you draw the line, but do you draw a line at all? The dilemma arose from the confusion generated by business casual is because people's sense of judgement is influence by their emotion at a time.  


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