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North Korea Day of Prayer ...........Organizers See hope in the years ahead!

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IN A RECENT NORTH KOREA DAY OF PRAYER, speakers at the International Prayer Day, hosted in Westminster, warned 'darkness covers the entire society' and urged Christians to act.

As Kim Jong Un's embarks on some capitalist economic reforms, it is believed some leadership grip is likely to be weakened as North Korea adopts a more capitalist economy, delegates were told.  Zoe Smith, head of advocacy at the persecution charity Open Doors, said North Korea, like the Berlin Wall, could collapse and the prayers of Christians were vital.

Dozens of faith leaders and NGO heads gathered for the day and were told that, despite horrendous human rights abuses continuing, opportunities were growing after North Korea's communist economy collapsed in the 1990s causing mass famine that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Informal capitalist markets have replaced the old system meaning possibilities to engage were opening, human rights expert Benedict Rogers said in his address.

'Prison camps, arbitrary executions and torture persist,' he said. 'However, new opportunities for influence arise. The economy is now less easily controlled than it was in its old communist form: this means that information which previously was blocked by the regime is increasingly entering the country by the back door.'

The day of prayer offered a bleak insight into the reality of life, particularly for Christians, in North Korea with two escapees outlining their experience.

It concludes: 'There is an almost complete denial of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as the rights to freedom of opinion, expression, information and association' and the regime 'considers the spread of Christianity a particularly severe threat'.

As a result 'Christians are prohibited from practising their religion and are persecuted.'

The group urge more christian groups to engage the Almighty God in prayer for the nation of North Korea as the christians there are so enthusiastic about their freedom of worship being restored in the years to come.


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