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How to Win Souls with Joy.........Easy Steps to a Bountiful Harvest of Souls!

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  • Evangelism may be the scariest things to most Christians, but Soul Winners are joyful people.

  • Easier with a loving heart as you may not win a soul you don't love

Soul winning is one joyful experience when you have understood the mechnics of winning the lost. A joyful soul winner is a personal evangelist that functions anywhere and at anytime the opportunity is praying for comes his way. 

So, she is prepared and ready with tracts and simple flyers, she knows how to start a godly conversation, from where she will confess Christ and the benefits of salvation to the soul. He/she is at ease in personal or group evangelism.  She knows Jesus and proud of His love and generous benefits.

Evangelism is good, soul winning is better and evangelism without soul winning is very frustrating.  Evangelism without positive result is faulty and should be reviewed and not be carried forward for the sake of it. There must be a reason!

Soul winning is simply based on developing and building relationship and being available for people and helping people.  The first rule is that you must have love for souls and don't forget this "You can hardly win a soul you do not love.  Faith working through love, you will say...YES!

You are free to start a conversation with people, especially at auspicious times and events as occasion demands, like in events and little get-together.

You are always young and young at heart, never proud or snobbish, never quick to judge others and ever happy and boisterous in appearance.  Always confident of God and what He can do at any time to those that believe and being ready to bring Jesus into any though matter that appears in the field, because when you bring Jesus Christ into the scene, healing, miracles and deliverance takes place.

You are a man or woman of power, a boy or girl of divine power and influence and heaven knows your name and your voice.  You are also a man or woman of few word, yet social. You are |Word-compliant and a light bearer.  See yourself carrying a touch light in your hands and searching for souls to illuminate with the light in your hands...And that who you are.

At different times and stages of your soul winning, you will have a question you ask people after exchanging pleasantries.  The recent one the Lord ministered to my ears goes like this "Brother, are you aware that Jesus Christ is coming back soon? - Does it bother you or have you thought what that means ?

As a soul winner, you are ready at any time to start godly and friendly relation with anyone in your target group with the mindset of helping that person, should you discover he needs an information or assistance which you can assist or you know someone who can.  Being ready anytime means that:

1. Soul-winners go along with their 'tools' in their bag - medium-size bible, tracts and targeted information that may be of interest to your target group.  I will give an example here.   If am targeting university students and around a Campus for evangelism and soul winning.  Before I start, I will find out the problems student in that university is suffering presently and how it could be solved.  It might be academic in nature, cultism, agents recruiting young girl for prostitution, financial hardship etc.

2. A Soul winner is growing in the Spirit continually and hearing from the Holy Spirit continually and as such, he does not joke with bible study, meditation, church fellowship and care and support in the church and outside the church.  I don't know if you have seen brothers who borrow money to buy books they consider beneficial for a brother or sister.  They are usually humble.  They may not know where the next meal will come from, but their last Dollar/Naira is used to buy food for his friend.

3. A good Soul winner is well dressed and looks sometimes that someone comfortable, while he has nothing any where.  Ever optimist that God will do wonders for him and his new and old friends, joyful and smiling...sometimes, you wonder where the joy is coming from - I will tell you.  He has handed everything to God and follow everything with peace and strong expectation.  He know good news can break from anywhere and it always bursts for them.

4.  They are people endued with courage to follow people up after the first contact.  They persist and perservere for a soul until he or she is won.  They carry the mark of  TOUCH NOT! boldly written on their forehead. Many atimes they work with divine prompting and would hardly be turned back on anyone they have divine leading to win.

5. With experience, they know when to rap up a conversation, because sometimes people turn aggressive and non receptive and you will just thank him/her for listening and sharing  valuable points with you and let go and pray for a second chance with that person, when he or she will be in a good mood.

6. Soul-winners value result as it gives them hope and encouragement.  Good outcome increases their joy and willingness to walk an area or environment.  They avoid argument or arguing the scripture and politely handles questions with godly wisdom.

7. Soul Winners listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit a lot for direction and insight and test every spirit, whether they be of God or the devil masquerading as an angel of light.  They are employed by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit and their services is unto the Lord - Simple.

8. Soul Winners pray and fast consistently - For without binding the strongman, you cannot take his captives away.

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9. They are good listeners and motivators. 

10. They have the same message for different age groups, but with slightly different presentation. Women and mothers have a different approach, Spinsters and bachelors has a different approach and fathers and aged men has a different approach and of course the young adults has their own approach.  

The approach must be different because these groups are at different levels in Life and they are motivated by different issues and concerns.  If you miss the approach, the miss the target.

We will soon come to evangelize your neighbourhood, would you be free to join us.  Fear no harm as the angels of our Lord Jesus will be in the midst and we are not alone!



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