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How to Take Back your Marriage.........Counsel that turns your Sorrow to joy!

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Family Reconciliation series!

Marriage is ordained to last for ever...or till death do you part.

Marriage is not for Teenagers, but young people get into marriage, some at 17, 18, 19 years of age.


Marriage is a union of a man and a woman with a view to enjoying a better life. Marriage is good and incidentally the source of man's greatest joy and pain.  This is why marriage should be handled with care from start to finish - when death do you part.

One problem with marriage is that you don't know the person you are marrying until you are living together for years.  The real person is inside, the Spirit man, so that a person can profess to be born again, while he/she is deep into darkness.

Deliverance is a big plus before marriage, so that all spiritual hindrances are removed from your life.  Your life as a spinster or bachelor may have exposed you to demonic spirits, which influences your behaviour once in a while.

People getting into marriage should study and understand male and female differences.  So they will appreciate why men behave the way they behave and women also.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, but the couple must be compatible, and share many things in common.
Sex is important in marriage and record have it that for some men and even women, sex is as important to them as food.  No partner should deny the other one sex.

You should marry your friend, someone you can live with for your life and marriage goals declared and agreed. For instance, I love children and I will like to have 2,3,4,5 children.

Marriage creates a new family and never an extension of your parents house and the marital bed must not be defiled by either party.

Make sure the man/woman you are marrying is in love with you before you go ahead with the marriage.

If you marry your destiny helper - your successful in life will be fast and your joy will deep. 

Marriage Truths:

1. God established marriage to be a life long relationship

2. God loves marriage and hate divorce, but the devil loves separation and divorce and uses every means possible to fight marriage, including the couples themselves and their friends and relatives.

3. Marriages could make or mar the people involved in it. 

4. That marriage, that husband or wife you are marrying could determine:

  • Your happiness after the marriage
  • How long you will live on earth
  • How successful you may be on the earth
  • The kind of children you will have and raise
  • Whether that beautiful destiny God showed you will be fulfilled or not.
  • Whether you will make it to heaven or not - It could determine your eternity.

5. It is expected that the wife will help the husband fulfill his God ordained destiny - purpose in life, while the husband does the same for the wife.  

6. No one should enter marriage with the mindset to 'try it for size'.  It is not a disposable commodity, its not a piece of suit which you can remove and replace and remember that emotions of people are involved.

7. With marriage, family live begins, where you hid nothing from your spouse.  You must say your opinion in marriage and must never be suppressed, however foolish it may be.  There is no room for resentment in marriage because of  open communication and the love of God existing between both of you.

 8. If you miss it in marriage or allow the devil to sneak into your marriage, you will suffer emotional pain for long.  If you marry another man's wife or another girl's husband, your joy in marriage will be short lived.

Having given eight marriage truths, let us proceed into the counselling that I know works for godly couples in marital crises.  You know the devil is always working through humans to destroy anything good, especially whatever has a glorious future or anything that has the hand of God.

When you listen to troubled couples, you will realize it is the devil at work in their marriages that is the source of the trouble and confusion they are going through.  Marriage will surely test your christian faith in God.  Marriage will test your patience and love for God, marriage will test almost every topic in life with time, so get prepared!

Apart from the command that "Husband love your wife as Christ love the church and wives, submit to your own husbands in all things", there is yet another important scripture for married couples. It is found in Mathew  7:1-5: 

Mathew  7:1-5: 
Where Jesus instructs us to focus on the sin in our own lives before we try to help others deal with sin in their lives.  There are no perfect marriages because the people getting into marriage are not perfect people and so no one should be proud of his ability to walk right and live right.  

Before the wife or husband begins correct the wife, look inwards first and correct your own weaknesses before you help another person.

Even if you think you are in a conflict with your spouse where he or she is 99% wrong and you are only 1% wrong, you should always treat your sin as the bigger sin—the sin that is closer to you and that you have more responsibility for.

Jesus said when we ignore our own sin to focus on the sin of others, it’s like having a huge plank of wood sticking out of your eye.  It seems that a lot of that plank of sin is the sin of self-righteousness. We love to compare our sin to others and tell ourselves that they are evil and we aren’t so bad.

Married couple should never ignore praying for their family and marriage on a daily basis

Wives should avoid confronting your husbands, no matter the issue, take the humble feminine approach of dialogue to resolve all your marital issues.  This is so important because the wife naturally controls 40% of the husband without negotiation and without being forceful or domineering, so

If the woman becomes vocal, domineering and assertive, she is seeking to grab 70 to 80% control over the man and that leads to crisis that good food and even money may not resolve.  If the man is a person with strong personality, there will be constant argument and fighting in the house.

Casting out the Demon responsible 

Many a times, I get angry in the spirit with the demons causing problem in marriage. Can you imagine that the demon of Lust and filthiness could possess a man in marriage that he begins to think of sharing his wife with another man.  I have also heard of a woman asking her husband to sleep with her girl friend - For what purpose?

Can you imagine that a man could be so possessed by the demon of lust that his wife cannot satisfy him in bed and he want to meet other women.  What of situations where it is the woman or wive in the house that cannot be satisfied by her husband.  These are recipes for destruction of the marriage and it is caused by demonic influence.

There are so many other negative demonic influences on careless couples that I cannot mention, so I will just go ahead and cast those demons out of the man and the wife without argument or long stories - (Lust, Worldliness, Queen of the Coast, spirit wife and husband etc)

Then the demon of Hatred, jealousy, bitterness and forgiveness is the next set of demons to be caste out without delay before peace could reign in such a marriage.

Then counselling is given them on how to maintain their deliverance and its always a beautiful thing to behold coupled reconciled by the power of the Holy Ghost. 

Why Cast out Demons?

Whenever a wicked demon enters a person, its purpose is to disgrace that person.  That demon will start making demands on the victim at strange time and places, asking for things that are not normal until the victim is destroyed.  

Demons are wicked spirits that must be chased out of a life that will make progress, otherwise, such a life will only fulfill the biding of Satan to do evil all the time.

Casting out demons and counseling the couple enthrones God afresh into your  marriage. All the processes that allow couples to maintain their deliverance will help you learn how to study the word and pray regularly.  Holy and righteous living teaching, training and practices will refresh the couple again.

Finally, you are taught how to keep your marriage alive and happy.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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