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Drone used to .............Saves Two Children from Drowning in Australia

  TheMerkle Australia Drone Drowning

Drone technology has always been intriguing to industry experts and enthusiasts alike. In fact, it seems the idea of using drones in the real life challenges would get better in the days to come.

Recently, in Australia, lifeguards have successfully used a drone to rescue two swimmers. It is widely considered to be the world’s first success for this specific technology. 

The two young swimmers recently rescued by a drone were were seemingly struggling with the current at Lennox Head Beach in New South Wales. After a passerby alerted the lifeguards, they deployed a Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver drone, which comes with an inflatable float for swimmers to cling to. 

Thanks to the quick deployment of this float, the two boys were able to be rescued by the lifeguards. In fact, both children managed to swim back to shore with the help of this float, which just goes to show how valuable this technology can be. Both youngsters were extremely exhausted but suffered no injuries, other than getting a good scare. 

It is said to be the “world first” rescue operation carried out by a drone. 


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