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CHRISTIANITY IN THE HEART?.......Good girl, Bad church dress - Christianity not only in the heart!

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Youthful Exuberance!

Many of the church members dressing skimpy are youths, except for few young at heart ladies, the rest of them are young girls trying to express themselves and gain possible suitors.

They know the right dress to wear, but many of them do not even have what the society considers a good church dress.  Another reason is that many of such young girls are not yet born again or serious with the things of  God, and so the church is a ground to show-off their fashion styles week after weeks, after all they will say "Christianity is in the heart"....Not so, Christianity is in your Spirit, soul and body.

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Still too short!

When the dress is too scanty or there are too many girls wearing short dresses, weak brothers could be distracted.  In many spirit filled churches, such girls are directed to the back seat and not allowed to move about during the service

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  Don't come with this one - Why trouble your brothers?

We don't have the priviledge to turn souls back from the house of God, based purely on their dressing, instead a lot of things can be done to guide them and pray the Lord will touch them to change.  After all, people are at different level in their christian life and none started out holy and perfect and there is no one without sin.

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             Already in the choir, yet confused!

Every soul is important, so let no one judge another till the time.  Lets help weak brothers and sisters to accept Christ and be established in the faith.



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