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Chinese Authorities in northern China wary of any organised movements outside their control, including religious ones have demolished a Christian megachurch in a move denounced by a religious rights group as “Taliban-style persecution”.
The huge evangelical Jindengtai (“Golden Lampstand”) Church, painted grey and surmounted by turrets and a large red cross, was located in Linfen, Shanxi province.
Its demolition began on Tuesday under “a city-wide campaign to remove illegal buildings”, the Global Times newspaper reported, quoting a local government official who wished to remain anonymous.
“A Christian offered his farmland to a local Christian association and they secretly built a church using the cover of building a warehouse,” the official said. The local housing department had stopped construction of the church in 2009.
The house of worship which had around 50,000 members.was “primarily destroyed because it refused to register” with the Communist authorities, Fu said.

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