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Bring that Precious Child to Christ............Before the Enemy Snatch him !

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Children has always been special to our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Children and the youth are the target of the devil this end-time. 

They are vulnerable in the school and at home with relatives.

They are easily influence by the wrong things.

They look to us for guidance and direction!

Children are gift from God to make our joy full in marriage and to replenish the society and if possible make it better.

Children grow fast and before we know it they’re out there somewhere in the real world, interacting with their friends in school and copying whatever behaviours that catch their fancy.  

They are vulnerable to initiation at school by fellow children, who are possessed  or the teachers, even 'destiny hunting' relatives are as dangerous. so the earlier they know the Saviour Jesus and have the word of God in their spirit, the better for all of us. 

Parents know that children are full of innocence, they come to their loving father and mother, trusting them to completely take care of them, to protect them, to provide for them, to correct them when they are wrong, and to love and cherish them.

Irrespective of the home training you are giving them, the parents still need to monitor them and quickly rebuke any wrong influence they picked up from friends at school.
While it is important for every believer to be familiar with this teaching, the message is particularly applicable to parents, Sunday School teachers, day school teachers and all who have the care of children. This is because, unlike adults, children are not won on the street, they are won at home or in the Church.

Winning the children talks about - bringing them to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; not to know Him only as teacher, guide, friend……but as personal Saviour and Lord.  So, children are won actually by Spirit filled parents at home or by the Pastors and their Teachers in the church.

Winning the children is an important part of raising a Spirit filled church and a better society and our attitude to children should be that of our Lord who said, ““Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”” (Mark 10:14).

There is no better way to preach Christ to children than our own behaviour and love life style.  They received teaching in the School (In Nigeria and many nations teach CRK in Schools), they hear the gospel and Christ being preached in the church may be twice a week, but at home they should see the practical manifestation of a Christ-like life in their parents and guidance.

Children are heavily influenced by what they see others do, especially their parents and relatives who live with them or close bye.  At the church, the children watch their Teachers and Aunties and other children in their group and copy the love of Christ and commitment to the things of God they see in those lives.

How do You Win the Children:

1. Developing or building relationships with our children:
This is very important for both children and teenagers. By developing friendships and connections with children, we help them to meaningfully engage with us. When we have earned their trust, then they listen to our words and advice. Through this, we can make an impact and be able to guide them to live a successful life by obeying God.
Sometimes we try to lead children only from the front, as if they were just an audience. In doing so, we lose the relational connection, which means we won’t be able to correct them. 
Good children are heavily influenced by their parents as they obey the instructions of their parents to the later.  While some children will sometimes forget the instruction of their parents on certain issues, other will not forget and when such matters come up, they will simply say NO.  When we have such a trust and care relationship with our children, they will listen to our advice and preaching and if we are living the Word we preach, its easy to win such children to Christ.

Difficult Children - Remember, there are difficult or children who has been wrongly exposed and has become faithless, non-nonchalant and careless about anything.  They should treated with patience and love, moreso, when the experiences they had so early many times are never their fault.  It is always the fault of their parents and guidance, unplanned family life and challenges sometimes beyond the control of their parents.  Correcting and molding such a children becomes a work you are doing unto the Lord, who rewards all men, and the Lord will reward you in due time.

2. Practising what we preach:
If we teach children that we should study and meditate on the word of God daily, it will be easier to win such a child if we study and meditate on the word daily as we preach.  Once I told my son that 'though it is good to give to the Needy, but the giving that brings us reward from God is when we give the needy things that are valuable.  I gave an example that instead of giving the Needy 'second hand clothes' which the person had used, it is more rewarding to buy the Needy a brand new clothing as though you are the one using that cloth...such givings attract God's blessing without fail - The question the boy asked me was "Daddy, Is that how you give?"

3. Teaching them,disciplining and correcting them according to the Word of God:
It will helpful to teach children the word of God starting from Genesis to Revelation, letting them know the laws of God, the commandments, statues and ordinances.  We know that the commandment was given by God to Moses in righteousness.  Take for instances that some children do not know actions of a person that attracts curses according to scripture, then how will they avoid these sundry behaviours?

The children of Israel told Joshua when he took over from Moses saying, We will obey you in everything, only let your God be with you, as He was with Moses Josh 1:16-17.  The same applies to children.  They like success just like adults, so let your God you are preaching be with you and they will easily believe you.

Qualities of Children

  • A child is innocent and honest -  The Lord want you to be the same!.
  • A child is trusting.
  • A child believes without complication.
  • A child receives anything with joy, forgetting herself with light-hearted abandonment.
  • A child is humble.
  • A child is content in the little things.
  • A child has the faith to move mountains.
  • A child takes to heart God’s Word in all its simplicity.
  • A child forgives and remembers not to refer to the error again.
  • A child has no alternative to his/her parents

Why Seek to Win Children
1. Children are Easily influenced 
Children need to hear the truth and know the truth as they could easily be won over by wrong doctrines out there by friends.  Children like adults are in danger of perishing and so need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. Matthew 18:6,14

2. Children Should Know Christ early.
From Matthew 18:6, ““little ones who believe in me””, we learn that even children can believe on the Lord Jesus. C.H. Spurgeon said, ‘’The capacity for believing lies more in the children than in the adult.’’  The vast majority of Christians are converted under the age of 21.

3. Children Believe more than adult.
It is easier to win a child than an adult, for the child is more readily influenced in the right way and has fewer prejudices to overcome. As we get older life becomes complicated and it is harder (humanly speaking) to come to Christ. Matthew 18:6 implies that children are more likely to believe than adults.

Adults have a tendency to become cynical with age, while a child has yet to be touched by the concerns of the world.

4. Winning the Children is our Responsibility.
It is the responsibility of Parents in the first instance to win their children to our Lord Jesus Christ. If we do not win them, who will? Parents should never rely upon Sunday School teachers to win their children to Christ; they should accept the responsibility of their children’’s spiritual welfare and should do all in their power, wisely and lovingly, to win their little ones to the Lord.

5. Children will certainly be won by Someone.
This is very solemn: every child will be ‘‘taken captive’’ –- either by the Lord or by the Enemy of souls –- If we don't win our children and wards to Christ, agents of darkness will win them over to do the bidding of Satan - God forbid.


Friends, the time is short.  Economic and political challenges will continue till Christ come.  When your assignment on earth comes to an end, where will you spend eternity"?

Repent of your sins and serve the Lord.


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