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BORN AGAIN........Yet with Strong 'Urge' to Sin?, Take these Keys!


Happy 2018,

Beloved, bless the Lord for bringing you and me into this new year!

I hope you know that those on the Lord's side will flourish this year like the Palm Tree by the river side.

God has remained faithful to His word and promises from generation to generation, yet we are never able to comprehend His ways.  This lack of deep knowledge of the ways and things of God is causing believers to struggle with a lot of issues.

In the things of God, we need to be prepared to receive from God and to follow Jesus Christ.  If you are not well prepared, though you are born again and waiting for the coming of Christ, you may miss Him.  This is what happened to the foolish virgins, who missed the Bride Groom, though they were qualified to go with the Bride.

We face trials and temptations every day, but in addition, there is the inner 'urge' to do things that are not right, to steal, lie, commit adultery and fornication and other things a child of God should not do. 

If you're not armed with the tools to overcome the 'urge' or pressure to do evil, you will find yourself yielding to it every other time, instead of resisting them, and things could get messed up before your face.  Take the case of a young lady struggling with poverty and had to some odd things to survive...who one day saw her 'Pastor' approaching her for business in the night.  She was shocked her 'Pastor' patronize prostitutes and after some thoughts decided to serve him!

There are no minor temptations, its just a matter of time, that minor and easy-to-overcome temptation will become too enticing to resist. The urge for things of pleasure are usually very strong because, the old nature and the flesh loves pleasure and that is why many believers keep their body under check through fasting and praying regularly.

We sin only when we give into the temptation. The issue of having urge to lie, smoke, fornicate or watch pornography after repenting of your sin and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord is a serious matter that make believers look like unbelievers.  We should resist 'urge' with with our last blood as the bible said, else a believer of many years could crumble within seconds.

Take the case of a Evangelist who preached mighty message and won souls where he ws invited to minister, only for the devil to detail a pretty woman after him in the very house where he was to pass the night. The woman encountered him and he could not resist her.  Mr. Evangelist was shocked when the woman declared to him that his ministry was over that day....Foolish Evangelist making noise everywhere!  This shall not be your portion in Jesus name.

Believers came from different backgrounds and experiences in Life:

All new believers are not the same.  Everyone is different, so it's important to know your weak areas. Which temptations are difficult for you to overcome and why? Some people may find that gossip is more alluring than sex. Others may find that even holding your finance's hand is too much of a temptation. 

Our coming to Christ is also different as some met Christ early in life without much negative experiences, while others met Christ after much exposures in life.  Some met Christ suddenly through a powerful message that smote their conscience and they surrendered.  Some others, having heard salvation messages, listen to friends and seen other people transform from bad to good and decided by themselves to give their heart to Jesus Christ. 

For some people, they have to give their lives to Jesus to be free from nightmares and daily spiritual attacks, which have turned their night to day and they are helpless.  

Some believe that giving their heart to Jesus will enable them mix with beautiful girls in the church and eventually marry one of them and for others, giving their heart to Jesus means their sufferings is over as they would soon get job, married and begin to enjoy life in a different way.

Who are you Before your Repentance:

The light of God that shined in your heart unto salvation came for your blessing and so no matter what you did in the past, where you went and what you did, upon repentance, all your sins are forgiven and wiped away by God almighty and a new spirit of God comes into your life.

In Christ, all your positive expectations will be met at its due season, which may differ from your own time, but yet it could be met at your time with strong faith in Christ and much prayer and fasting.

Mirror in your System:

However, there is a mirror in your system that recorded everything you did and experienced in the past, and all you are doing now.  This record is not wiped off when you give your heart to Jesus Christ.  It remains in your consciousness even till you depart this earth.  This record is open to Satan and his agents as well as to God and the Holy Spirit of God.

This mirror in your system is the source of the urge you feel and the pictures the devil replay in your heart to lure you into sin again, after you have given your life.  

It is wiped off gradually by the illumination of your mind with the Word of God daily and obeying the Word.  This is why the bible say you are born again by the Word of God inside you.  If the Word of God is not in you, there can not be any meaningful change in that person's life.  When a person is born again and still dress the same, speak the same, go to the same places she or he use to go or do those things he is used to doing, you just know the word of God is absent in that life, though he has repented.

When you study and obey the word of God, you are welcoming Jesus Christ into your life and then His glory will start manifesting in your life. At the same time, you are, you are putting off the old man' of vices and putting on the 'new man' which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Christ.

What is an 'Urge' or Motion of sin?

There is a Mirror in your system that records your experiences in life, both good and bad.  It is from this mirror that the devil replays your sins of the past to you to persuade you to take the 'adventure' again. If it was a sexual sin, such picture is easily welcomed by your flesh and it begins to meditate on it.  So, do not allow such pictures and thoughts to dwell in your heart for long...reject and cast it away to be free.

'Urge' is the messenger of sin, and when you allow the thought to stay in your heart, soon you will begin to desire to do those things again, so you have to reject thoughts of the sins of the past being played in your heart and the picture the devil is showing.  This you should be prepared to do often as the devil does not relent to tempt us, especially in our areas and times of weakness.

What to Do When you are Struggling with Urge to Sin:  
Identify the Areas of your Temptation
Confess and Repent of past sins in those areas
Determine to change your ways and wrong lifestyles
Realize you need the help of Jesus through the Holy Spirit
Do away with the causes and those things that activate the urge
Seek deliverance either by yourself or through the help of an anointed man of God
Keep your heart and body pure

1. Identify the Areas of your Temptation
When you observe the urge to do something you do not want to do, or something you have done in the past and vowed not to do again then it is necessary that identify the area where the 'urge' is coming from and deal with it squarely.  If for instance, you find yourself lusting after your colleague in the office, examine and find out if you have been talking for long hours with him/her. Is he/she disclosing sensitive personal information to you or are you lonely.  Find out why the interest in him or her.

If you are lonely, or if the spirit of lust has entered the person, mere touch or holding of hands with an opposite sex could trigger lust.  Once you discover why you are attracted to someone you should not be attracted, then avoid the action - may be holding hands, having lunch together, Driving home together etc, while remaining friendly.

2.  Confess and Repent of past sins in those areas:
It may be that you had slept with a colleague in your former office and you don't know the devil has the record, as you join another company, the spirit will direct you to another lady in the new office and ask you to do it again.  

So, make sure you have confessed all such sins of sleeping with colleagues and ask for mercy.  If you don't...then you can be sure it may continue in your life, even after you are married, you will still keep a lover in the office until it breaks your home or cause you to loose your job. 

The same apply to men who have slept with their house-helps secretly, while their wives were away.  If you don't confess that sin specifically and ask for mercy and help of God, you may never overcome that weakness...and be careful, else you start sleeping with your neighbour's house-girls before long.

3.  Determine to change your ways and wrong lifestyles:
If you are tempted in one particular area of life continually - For instance, you are constantly under pressure to smoke, to tell lies about anything, no matter how trivial or simple it may be, or the urge to visit a night club keep coming and you know the effect of such an adventure, or it could be that every time you are online, you cannot resist watching pornography.  know that there is a demonic influence involved.

Strong 'urge' for sinful acts comes from demonic influence, which becomes irresistible when a demon has gained entrance into a life.  The demon would normally make more frequent demand on its victim and at wrong places and times in order to disgrace the person.  This is why you see people watching pornography in the office, making love with colleagues in the office and others masturbating on their seat in the office - because the demon wants to disgrace them in their office.

When a demon has gained entrance, you cannot help yourself.  You must seek deliverance from anointed men of God, and if you can go for self deliverance, you should not waste time in seeking deliverance.  Please note that problems like these ones I have mentioned is an attack on your salvation.  If you ignore to seek deliverance, the devil will rubbish your salvation as a child of God.

Before seeking help or deliverance, decide in your heart never to fall into those sins again and then identify what actions activate the 'urge' so that you can avoid them.  For the deliverance to succeed, every materials that promote the actions you seek to avoid should be separated from you, else even after deliverance, the demon will still come back to such a person.  For instance, if you want to stop watching pornography, avoid naked pictures and if you had saved some on your phone (Young men and women), you have to delete them.  

Self discipline is highly demanded when it comes to maintaining your deliverance.  A bachelor/spinster  that wants to remain pure till he/she get married, will stay off many things including drinks, clubs and night parties.  

To keep your heart pure, you deliberately avoid hearing gossips and every wrong words and adult jokes.  Also you must do everything to avoid naked pictures. Remember that Mathew 5 says blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

You want to be faithful to your partner or spouse, but you are still keeping the pictures of your former lover(s) and keeping in-touch with them.  When you do these, you are making provision for the flesh, which the devil will use against you sooner than later.  If some of these few precautions are not taken, certainly, its just a matter of time before you discover an affection is developing in your heart for those things you have vowed never to do again.

Beloved,  temptations are normal and applicable to all men, but it becomes a tragedy for a believer if he/she is the one activating the temptation on himself through careless living, and going to wrong places.  There are wrong places, satanic places where you cannot control what is going on there and the people you meet there are ready to do the bidding of Satan, avoid such places.

The time is short, let us all begin afresh to examine ourselves and life styles in the word of God as we get ready for the coming back of Jesus Christ. 

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell"? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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