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BITCOIN - Features 'Baby' ..........Now Looks unstoppable @ $15,000 per Coin!


Features 'Baby'  Bitcoin looks unstoppable for now as its price momentum is not looking back at all. As of right now, the Bitcoin price is going for $15,000, according to Coinmarketcap, while it quoted at $14,611 in one of the exchanges, gaining over $2,500 in a single day

This makes today the largest one-day gain in the history of the currency. To put it in perspective, today Bitcoin’s price increased by more twice as much as it’s 2013 all-time high of $1,100. This may not be bad as it were, but we don't need a prophet to knows this kind of gain in a single day is not sustainable.

The price is likely being driven by news of the imminent launch of Bitcoin futures trading. CBOE will be launching their futures market this coming Sunday, December 10, with CME Group following on December 18. Nasdaq plans to launch futures trading in the summer of 2018 and Japan’s Tokyo Financial Exchange is preparing to launch futures trading as well.

Bloomberg has announced that brokerage firms TD Ameritrade and Ally Invest will be offering Bitcoin futures trades to their clients. Even J.P. Morgan Chase may follow suit, despite CEO Jamie Dimon’s infamous views on the digital currency.

FIRE:  If the price momentum we are observing is due to the feature launch next week, then the digital currency may be beyond reach of many people soon.  This is why I know that an altcoin that can compete with Bitcoin is long overdue in the cryptocurrency market.

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