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WOMEN.............But 'If you are overweight, you will not get that job'!

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For years, French women have been applauded as chic, slim and poised - all achieved seemingly without effort.  Little did people know that the women were suffering in silence as the culture in Paris and the entire French does not accept fat women.  They are sometimes regarded as lazy.

French women have a reason to maintain their slender elegance through everything from pregnancy to old age, else they are relegated to the background in society and jobs will be hard to find.

A 50-year-old French woman Isabelle told BBC and said: 'If you are fat, you will not get that job. But if you have the silhouette - chic, ultra-slim, elegant - you are more or less made.'

But according to one Parisienne, getting the Gallic look isn't as effortless as it appears, with pressure to be thin causing some women to resort to extreme measures in a bid to remain slim.

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The Parisian art gallery director, who confesses that she's far from slim, says she enjoys being the exception to the rule - but maintains that she can only get away with it because she is self-employed.

She explains that being 'fat' makes her feel free but reveals she struggles to find clothes to fit her in French shops.

So how do the rest of the population do it? According to journalist Peggy Frey, it's all down to an intense, if hidden, regime, but French women would 'rather die than reveal their beauty secrets'. 

She also alleged that they scour hairdressers for the best colourist to give them a 'natural' looking hue, and invest in super strong anti-wrinkle creams from the tender age of 25.

She added: 'They may never talk about dieting, but that doesn't mean they don't watch what they eat. 

'After all, you can't gorge on buttered baguettes all day and magically maintain a size eight figure', and revealed that almost half smoke cigarettes, known to suppress the appetite, in a bid to stay slim.

It has even been said, according to BBC reports, that the average French women feels the need to lose at least 2kg (4.4lbs) to fit in.

Cashing in on this is the French slimming industry, which is booming with diet pills packed onto pharmacy shelves and slimming tips filling the pages of glossy magazines.

And it has had a chilling impact on the psyche of French women, with Sonia Feertchak, editor-in-chief of L'Encyclo des Filles, a popular guide to health and beauty for teenage girls, concluding that French women 'daren't' grow fat.

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'Some will even starve themselves because in this society to be a fat female is to be a failure,' she explained.

'Fat women are seen as stupid. Their lives must be out-of-control, they are judged ugly, weird losers.'

Sophia Thomas, a 25-year-old Briton who spent four years studying in France, added: 'Everywhere you look in Paris, there are beautiful, slim women. 

'Whether it is on fashion billboards or just across the street, you can't escape that supposed perfection.

'Everybody aspires to be some sort of Coco Chanel. She was the epitome of high octane glamour with that perfect rouge pout, peachy cheeks, Breton stripes and flowing pearls.  It's tough

FIRE:  -  Women/men, you are not helpless, so take charge of your life.

If people will not pamper their body, they can get the look they desire. The models have to eat once a day for months and some desperate ones skip food for days, just to achieve a particular look.

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