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WOMEN.....BUM ENLARGEMENT IS RISKY........Could lead to Regrets - Attention seekers Beware

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Getting Attention.......Should not be at the expense of your health!

I still cannot understand why a creature of God will ever desire to recreate herself through Bum surgery without thinking of the long-term implications on her health.  Will you not consider for instance - What will happen down the line - say 10 years after, after child birth  or when you are old?

Bum enhancement is dangerous and vanity! It is not fashion or beauty, it is simply an evil desire that could kill.

Butt augmentation and implants have increased in popularity, partially due to the attention women with what Africans call "Figure Eight" get in social events.  Many of them receive instant attention as their figure attracts men to them and lately some of them have started doing commercials  and event marketing seeking to lure men to such events.

However, the dangers of any buttock enlargement that goes wrong is more than additional surgery, it could lead to a deformity or death.  The dangers associated with butt implant procedures is real.

Butt injections using silicone are also extremely dangerous. The silicone is an unstable element and can move from the injection area. Should the silicone move to the lungs or the bloodstream, it can be fatal.

Butt Implant Risks

As is the case with virtually any surgical procedure, buttock augmentation does carry the risk of complications. Although rare, bleeding or nerve and muscle damage may occur. 

Butt implants could also shift and cause the buttocks to be asymmetrical; however, male and female butt implants are placed above the “sitting area” to reduce the risk of shifting. Patients may experience adverse reaction to the anesthesia. 

The buttock augmentation procedure stretches tissues and may cause pain, particularly when placed beneath the muscle. 

Permanent disfigurement is also possible. Commercial grade silicone is often used for illegal injections and in conjunction with implants or implant procedure, and this type of silicone is not FDA approved. The body may think the silicone is a foreign material and will react adversely.

Another potential risk is the development of abscesses or infections which can cause severe illnesses.

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Other potential risks of butt implants include:

The possibility of excess bleeding, which could create the need for additional surgeries to stop the bleeding

Fluid can collect around the implant and can potentially leak through the incision. This can entail additional surgery to correct.

The possibility of nerve damage

FIRE:  Every now and then, we try to warm our ladies of the dangers of inordinate desire to change their body configuration.  Many of them live with a deformity or guilty all their lives.  In the US, it has become a major health concern of young women as death resulting from implants now occur more regular.


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