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VILLAGE ICO ......Japanese Village Considers Using ICO to raise funds for Community Devpt

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Fintech preferred method of raising fund to develop startup ideas will soon find expression in other areas of life.  This method of raising money has caught the attention of development conscious Japanese village.

Nishiawakura is planning to use this business model to raise funds to boost the economics of their community. Located in Okayama Prefecture, this village has been looking for ways to revitalize itself, and recently started looking into holding an initial coin offering. 

It is an interesting approach, which if it captures the attention of the local people may not require any support from the national government or even seek private investment. 

One of the main issues people have with initial coin offerings is the value of the tokens distributed. When tokens are issued for projects which don’t exist in any way other than on paper, such a token is valueless and in the near future, such tokens will no longer get listed for trading at the exchanges.

In the meantime, the local government is “researching” the possibility of holding an ICO. It is very different from what most people would associate with an initial coin offering, to say the very least. Investing in important upgrades is one of this village’s top priorities, but obtaining the required backing to do so is difficult. 

It remains to be seen if this particular ICO will ever happen, and which digital exchange will add it


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