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TRAGIC END:........Bodies of 26 Nigerian Women recovered from the Sea off Libya

The bodies of 26 Nigerian women, mostly within the ages of 14-18 have been recovered from the Mediterranean sea off Italy. According to reports, the women were trying to reach Europe from Libya.

It is not clear how they died, but reports had it that the women were among 64 other migrants on a rubber boat trying to cross into Italy.  The suspicion that they may have been sexually abused and murdered could have only happened before the rubber boat cross expedition as such activity cannot be done on a rubber boat.

Five migrants are being questioned in the southern port of Salerno, Italy already in a bid to discover what happened to the young ladies as they attempted the dangerous Mediterranean crossing.  

Italian media reports that the bodies of the dead women were kept in a refrigerated section of the warship that carried out the rescue mission off the Italian coasts.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says In the last one year, 150,982 migrants arrived in southern Europe by boat from North Africa. 


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