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STRANGE ELEPHANTS...........Wild, Aggressive and often Dangerous to Man - Picnickers Beware!t!

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Humans have domesticated elephant a great deal that a wild animal is today helping man in many different ways.  That is only true to domesticated ones, the elephants found in the zoo or parks are still very dangerous. Take a look:

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Human beings aren't natural prey for elephants and tigers, but in the Sundarban islands of West Bengal, India, an alarming number of people have been attacked -- even eaten -- by these wild beasts.

In one part of the country, there have been reports of elephants going on a rampage, trampling homes and killing around 200 people in the past year. In one bizarre case, this typically plant-eating animal reportedly ate a human.

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The picture above shows hungry elephants destroying a lady's bag and eating the oranges inside the handbag.  The lady and her friend was busy taking selfie when the park elephant spotted the handbag in the car and went for it, destroying the woman's bag in the process

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In the picture above, the elephant uses a car to scratch his body, which is capable of destroying the car

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Today, Humans are also easy targets for elephants. Once revered as peaceful animals, elephants are becoming more aggressive and in some remote villages, elephants wandering onto farms looking for food.

The picture above show an elephant getting kinky with a woman. Their closeness to man have taught them how to kiss and also who to kiss,

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Now, you will agree with me that is kiss is a dangerous one.  The girl in question could be suffocated to death easily by the elephant.

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I am using this medium to warn women to be careful with elephants whereever they find them...in the zoo or national parks.

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