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OMAN HOSTS ..........Successful Blockchain 'Rally' Symposium


The city of Muscat in Oman, wit a population of 4.5 million people was host to a blockchain Symposium that gathered government officials and business community to explore what blochchain has to offer the people.

Fireinthebone gathered that the Symposium was the largest business gathering in Oman’s history, as nearly the entire cabinet (22 ministers) was in attendance for the opening session. Further, more than 700 important participants took part in the event, though it was invitation only. 

The entire program was shown live on TV during the first day of activities. Such substantial FinTech engagement is uncommon for a Middle Eastern nation - perhaps the most notable example of another Blockchain-friendly government in the region being that of the UAE.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Central Bank of Oman, SGRF (the Omani Sovereign Fund) and the Central Monetary Authority all cooperated to promote and support the event - indicating its significance.

A large number of senior international speakers also made the event a priority in spite of their busy schedules, with the opening keynote given by the CEO of Swisscom Blockchain, an important company and a majority owned subsidiary of a telecommunications holding controlled by the Swiss government with $12 bln in annual revenues.

Others, include four members of the World Economic Forum’s "The Future of Blockchain Council". All were speakers at main sessions and counsellors during the workshop sessions in the final days of the meeting.

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