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NIGERIAN YOUTH NEWS.......I am not Allowed to have a Boyfriend - Miss Nigeria!

Chioma Obiadi - Reigning Miss Nigeria

Do you know that reigning Miss Nigeria beauty Queens are not permitted to have boyfriends?

The organizers of the beauty competition seem to have taken some pragmatic decisions to save their queen and their corporate effort by restricting  the ladies from having a relationship while they are reigning.

This was reveled by the out going Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi.

When asked asked how she has been able to cope with that, she said it was just a protective measure put in place for her to stay away from scandals and other "unnecessary things."

She said, "One needs to be protected against scandals. Some of these scandals come from people who you are close to and trust. It is just a protective clause to help me to be better."

According to the beauty queen, she barely have time for relationship as she have been jostling between school and Miss Nigeria.  She said its hard to keep a relationship as she has been overwhelmed with both her school's activities and her role as Miss Nigeria. 

She added, "I have admirers. Every girl has an admirer, but I feel God has given us a way to handle it without hurting anyone. I was not even in a relationship before becoming Miss Nigeria. 

"The way I handle men now is pretty much the same way I handled men before I won the pageant. I have been a girl all through my life and I feel all girls get pressure from men. Like I said earlier, the organisation is very protective. So, they have in a way protected me from unnecessary exposure. If they feel an exposure is not good for me, they don't let me experience it."


She, however, admitted that winning Miss Nigeria was her turning point, as her life became better and her ideas became bigger than they used to be.

The obviously intelligent girl thinks she  has  had her own share of the reign and accordingly gathered sufficient information that she can leverage on to become who she ever wants to be in life. The wise thing for me is to grow and become a greater person. 

Sounding philosophical, she said "I am just looking forward to handing over to the next Miss Nigeria."

Already the search for the next Miss Nigeria has begun and the organizers hinted that though the event was rested for about 20 years, the pageant is here to stay.

FIRE: - We at Fireinthebone say Kudos to the organizers for inserting the relationship restriction Claus and monitoring its compliance!

The order is capable of helping the young queens avoid scandals and thus keep the crown they won with so much hard work. Moreover, some of them are quite young and will benefit from such a guidance.

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