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NEW DAWN.................Queen Elizabeth to face trial over fraud?

The British main opposition party, Labour Party has called for a public inquiry into Tax avoidance allegation contained in a leaked Paradise Paper report made public recently.  

The Party made the call on Monday after the Paradise Papers identified Queen Elizabeth II and a donor to the ruling Conservatives as users of controversial offshore tax avoidance services.

Labour Party’s chancellor, John McDonnell wrote on Twitter on Monday, “In spite of government claims of cracking down on tax dodgers, #paradisepapers confirm tax avoidance is clearly continuing.‎

“The PM or the chancellor need to explain how this scandal has been allowed to go on so long and what action is to be taken now.”

Also a BBC programme on Sunday, based on the leaked papers, highlighted the investment of 10 million pounds (13 million dollars) into funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda by the queen’s Duchy of Lancaster estate.

Such schemes are legal, but “questions may be asked about whether the monarch should be investing offshore,” the broadcaster said.

Former Conservative deputy chairman, Michael Ashcroft, widely known as Lord Ashcroft, was also identified in the papers.

McDonnell added when he appeared on Sky News on Monday, “If the identification of Lord Ashcroft, a major Tory party funder, on the list and if the allegations of tax avoidance are true, it means that the prime minister has questions to answer.

He called for a public inquiry and “measures to ensure openness and transparency” on tax avoidance.


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