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LOVE & TRAGEDY STORIES.......Married Secret Lovers Die after sex in Lagos

Lukman Olayinka and Nse Nnena are now inseparable in death

This whole new trend is giving me concern.  Why should young men and those young at heart continually engage in risky behaviour.  

Why get close to another man's wife in the same compound or office, your colleague?  This is how the devil destroy people with good destiny.

The news report call them married secret lovers.  They were found dead inside a vehicle in the Ogba area of Lagos State on Sunday, October 29, 2017, with their photographs and possible cause of their deaths while autopsy reports are being awaited.

Fireinthebone gathered that the lovers who have been identified as Olowo Lukman Olayinka and Nse Promise Nnena, lived in the same compound owned by Olayinka's father while he was also a close friend of Nnena's husband.

The man and his alleged mistress, said to be a married woman with kids, were believed to be engaging in sex when the sad incident occurred.

But, according to the new information gathered, the lovers may not have died of voodoo or exhaustion as many have been peddling since the unholy discovery was made.

They reportedly drove to a secluded area behind the Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NUJ), to engage in sex, however, contrary to the belief that she was happily married, the husband was about dissolving the marriage and tomorrow is the new date for the court to hear the divorce matter further.

The young Romeo on the other side worked with the licensing office and he is well known around the area he met his death.  It was passers-by that saw them, in the car with the engine still running with the air conditioner still blowing indicating they did not die of suffocation."

FIRE:  Young  men, take your eyes off your neighbour's wife - Its a ticket to early grave and hell fire.We  have consistently warned men to beware of married women and run away from fornication generally.

All women are beautiful, believe me.  If you commit yourself to your own wife, you will soon realize she is as beautiful and no need to kill yourself running  after another man's wife.

Friend, Jesus came looking for you. Give your heart to Him, Love the Lord with all your heart, strength and might.


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