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LEADERSHIP EXTRA?...........What's the Best time to Lead - Crisis or Peace time?

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Leading is being in the front row yourself.  Leadership is responsibility and not a joke. Leaders are born and leaders are also made.  The choice is yours!

This picture from Business Insider makes a lot sense to me and as I look at it and meditate on the picture, I could not help but ask:
  1. What are the things that make a leader a leader.........He is confident, no fear whatsoever!
  2. How do people see and react to you .......The way you present yourself is the way the people react to you - A friendly leader get the respect of a friendly leader. 
  3. A wicked leader get the relationship of a wicked leader - They will hide information from you and work for your down fall - Don't be a wicked leader!
  4. If you display humility and love your employees, they will see a father in you.
  5. If you care about your workers and things that affect them, they will love you from the heart
  6. If you believe in them and value their contributions, and reward excellence....You are ready to see their best.
  7. If you give then a sense of ownership and they believe you, so that they believe you are in it together with them...you will see their entrepreneurial skills blossom
  8. And if they own a stake in the form of shares in the company, you may see both the entrepreneurial, managerial and social skills working together in a friendly 'commonwealth' environment and ambiance.

The picture here is that of a world leader - North Korea

I think the two people next to him are sharing in his excitement (Whatever that may be) in a friendly atmosphere. 

He does not look down on them, else they will never have the confidence to share a joke with their leader.

Leaders, rise up.  You have a duty to love and appreciate people no matter their position in life.  They are created by the same God, you are just priviledged to be in position of authority and enjoying God's grace.

This conversation will continue.

Drop your thoughts as well.


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