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Trust God

I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST............... Please Marry Me!

                       ...I will, Take my Spirit and nature!

Matthew 11:28-30, Acts 10:35, Rom 12, Gal 5:14-26, Math 19 etc


There are two instances when Jesus invited the people following Him to join His disciples in the good work.  One of such instances was recorded in Mathew 11:28-30.  

There,  Christ said to His followers  “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden”  “And I will give you rest” . “Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me”.  “For I am gentle … you shall find rest … and My load is light” 

The second place was in Mathew 19:21 - Jesus said to the young man, "if you will be perfect, then go, sell all you have and five to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then carry your cross and follow me".

Lord Jesus, I love You, marry me is a conversation between Jesus and one of His daughters. I have heard many of God's daughters express so much love for Him Jesus Christ and some even claim they are married to Jesus Christ........Really, where did you see JESUS CHRIST and where did the wedding take place...But you can indeed marry Him, if you take His Spirit and nature!

We know that Jesus is the best of any man worthy of marriage, but the question is where will you meet the Master to physically marry Him?, but you can marry Him in the Spirit by receiving His Spirit and nature.

It is not only women that are married to Jesus Christ, the men also and all the oppressed people, orphans and vulnerable people the world over have Jesus as their Father, husband, deliverer, helper etc.  This is because Jesus and our God is the Father of the Fatherless, the helper of all who are oppressed and poor. He is also our helper of destiny.

"He says to all who are hungry and thirsty for righteous and holy living.....You are welcome"!.  

He continues to share some of the moves He made to bring the Sister or Brother to Himself in the following conversation "I have been waiting for years since you were born for this marriage to take place, but many of my moves were rejected or frustrated by you. Many times when i knocked at the door of your heart, you did not open the door. Several times, I have also called you to come and receive the healing, job and deliverance you needed urgently, but you did not hear my voice".

Now, that you have come, Welcome.  May be you saw my notice in Mathew 11:28-29 or the one I issued to that young rich boy in Mathew 19.   

Let me remind you of what you know in My Word.  I am the good shepherd, I died for the sheep, when they were not even born. I am your healer and I heal every disease. I am the great provider and I remain the great provider for ever, I fed the multitude with few bread and fished and plenty basket fulls were taken up after their feeding

I am the Word and also the bread of life, whosoever eats my body, the Word of God shall never hunger and thirst again, for my body, the Word is Spirit and life. As many as declare they are born again, are born again by the Word they ate after their repentance and without my Word inside of you, your profiting in Christ cannot manifest.  

I am the shield, protection and strength of all my sheep, disciples and prophets and I have many of them on the earth. Because of me, they are fearless.  The walk in the midst of troubles, fire and they are not burned or consumed. I am the fourth man in the furnace of fire, I closed the mouth of the lions in the den when they threw Daniel there - for it is written that when you walk through the valley of death, through fire, I will be with you and I used those Hebrew children to demonstrate My word that cannot fall to the ground, for all to see and believe.

I am the rewarder of all that diligently serve Me and My Father in heaven. When any of my sheep decide to seek me and all my righteousness above all things, they will surely come back with abundance of goodness - for when they have suffered a little, when they have persevered a little, when they have been denied many good things, when they have been abandoned by family and friends as nobody on earth, I will pick them up and release the Spirit of faith on them to begin to do exploits. 

And having sold all they have, lost all they had hoped on and their trust is then in ME AND NOT MATERIAL THINGS.,  I will release the Spirit of Wisdom and abundance unto them and those things that people are dying for, will begin to answer to them, and pursue them until they have abundance.

Daughter, Son - I welcome you!

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To marry me, you must know that I am lowly in nature, there is no pride in me...and this is why you did not hear Me telling the people "Hey, listen to me, I AM THE ONE GOING TO SAVE AND DELIVER YOU".  I was tempted severally, persecuted and rejected, but I said nothing.  I endured all the troubles from the people, looking straight in the future and the purpose of my coming to earth until I made that declaration "IT IS FINISHED" and then what followed you can still remember .....The glory of My Father and all the power in heaven and earth was vested on Me.

You should know that having my Spirit and nature is a blessing that fulfills the scripture that says, Jesus in you, the hope of glory!  I am offering you My Spirit and nature which is written in Galatians 5:14-26 for your transformation and blessing.  I know that as you work-it-out, My Spirit and nature will enter you.  

When I come into you, you will have no reason to backslide, because:

1. You will be standing on the Rock and not on quick sand.

2. You will become a friend of sinners and not to condemn them because I was a friend to the poor and needy, the oppressed and I eat with them and healed them.

3. There will be no need for all the cry for power as the power to bring me into the scene is already in you and activated.  The power is not you and cannot be claimed, but commanded and spoken as led by My Spirit and the miracles will be established.

4. You will no longer struggle to have faith and be holy, for my nature is inside of you as discussed in Galatians 5:14-26. This passage of the bible will be our honeymoon dessert, we will eat it until it becomes part of us.  We will pray it until we begin to manifest it to this dying world.

5. After our honeymoon full with Galatians 5:14-26, you find find it easy to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh.  You will also be able to order your communications right with men.  You will be able to love your neighbour and hold no grudges against anyone, hoping and trusting on me, for vengeance is mine.  For the women, you will have personal witness on how to carry your body in honour and chastity.

6. After our honeymoon, you will be able to separate yourself from the world as you as not part of them.  You will discretely keep off their fashions, language, attitude and lust. The motions of sin and disobedience that worketh in the people of this world will loose its grip on you. and you will shine as a Star every where you go.

Dear Sons and Daughter, I have yoke which may not be palatable to the canal mind.  Many of My commands may look foolish, but they will save and deliver you from your challenges. Remember that I told the young rich man to sell all he had , carry the cross and follow me.

There is a cross to be carried, all who served me in the past, served me carrying their cross of sickness, persecution, abuse, loss of friends and relatives, troubles from your father's house, conspiracy from friends and relatives to bring them down, what about discouragement and slanderous word, they carried all that and followed Me till the end, and today. they are blessed in all the earth.

There are cross you will surely carry - The devil will keep tempting you spiritually and physically, sending his agents of the opposite sex to seduce you to kill your vision. The devil will give you different ideas of how to make money in the ministry, not minding whether I approve and endorse such plans.  

The devil will give you deceitful ideas that seem good in the eyes, but will lead your heart away from me. BE WARNED!

The moment you declare for Me and the kingdom of heaven, the enemy who have knew you when your star appeared will device and implement different schemes against you to bring you down....But in all these, you are more than conquerors in Me.

But, remember, that I am not a respecter of persons and in every nation, he that fears me and works righteousness is accepted by Me Acts 10:35.  Also, in the midst of troubles and temptations, whosoever shall endure, and continues in me to the end shall be saved. After all, what shall separate me from you, Is it sickness, temptation, troubles, rejection and persecution....NONE - For I am able to put your enemies to flight, no matter who they are...REJOICE!

Therefore, keep meditating on what is good and honorable in your heart - For I go through and from the earth searching the heart of men to find those trusting in me to deliver them and set them free. Let your heart be pure, you shall continually meet with favour!

Sons and daughters, I have waited for this marriage for so long, NOW - Take my Spirit for I am lowly and live out my nature in Galatians 5:14-26 and it shall be well with you.  

Above all, victory is sure for you on earth and eternity thereafter, for I am the Resurrection and Life, I am JESUS CHRIST!


Brethren, please share this word of Jesus Christ to every friend you know and your reward from the Master shall be great.


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