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Trust God

HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES.......And Do the Will of God

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The bible recall that as Jesus Christ was walking beside the sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew.  They were casting a net into the lake for they were fishermen.

"Come, follow me" Jesus said, and "I will make you fishers of men".

This talks about choosing people and making choices right in the presence of the Holy Spirit...if the Holy Spirit is with you.  Have you heard some men of God say God told them who their wife is? or imagine you are going somewhere and the Lord speaks to you and say that woman in the front row ..or back row is your wife.

Sometimes there will be a great struggle, especially when you already have someone in mind or when you prefer ladies who are working already, may be Doctors, Accountants or lady engineers. Know for sure that if you delight the Lord, He will send you the exact type and frame of a woman you like for marriage, so begin to delight in Him!

God told a brother that a certain lady is his wife and he said OK Sir. He met the lady and as they discussed, she told him she was HIV positive...And the brother answered and said "If God said you are my wife, it means the HIV is dead inside of you".  He continued by saying that she will bear him children and none of them - himself and the children will be infected with HIV.

This is what faith does and as he has prophesied to her, the woman was healed of the HIV and she had normal children for the man and all the family declared HIV Negative.

We make hundreds of choices each day.  Some choices are spontaneous and of little consequence, other decisions carry greater weight and significance, like choosing the person we will marry.  In either extreme or with any decision in between, learning how to make wise choices is an important life skill for every believer and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Living in God’s will is making right choices on a consistent daily basis.

Here is how to apply Godly wisdom in your decisions that makes it consistent with God's Will and word.  When a believer makes a godly and wise decision, the peace of mind that follows is great and after that....when the benefits of such wise decisions begin to come, it is accompanied with joy.

1. Fear the Lord

All godly wisdom starts with the fear of the Lord.  “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7) To fear God is to reverently acknowledge Him for who He truly is.  The result of fearing God is the avoidance of evil.  Picturing yourself in the presence of Almighty God as you make decisions can be a safeguard to keep you from making foolish and unwise choices.   

2. Pray for Guidance

Many people choose to pray and fast when faced with important decisions.  For this good exercise to yield result, I counsel you to have an open mind.  Once, I asked a lady who was proposed by a brother to seek God opinion in a fast and prayer exercise and after many days she returned to me with a YES answer from the Lord.

Really, she said Yes! Are you sure you fasted with an open mind - You do not have him already in your heart?  Did you ask God for the right man irrespective of who he may be? Poor or rich?  As she repeated the exercise again with an open mind, God gave her a revelation.

3. Determine to Hear God’s Voice - There is no doubt that still speaks to us, but how many are quite to hear Him speak after our prayers.  When you pray for sometimes, wait to hear what God has to say.

4. Know Your Priorities

5. Seek Wise and Godly Counsel

6. Right Decisions bring peace of mind Sometimes

7. Make Decisions by Faith - If you are not led by the Holy Spirit, don't pick a life partner by faith if you are not led. It could be dangerous because only the Spirit of God knows the heart of a man.

8. Discern When and How to Act

9. Obey God and Trust Him Completely

10. Learn from Your Experiences and From Those of Others


For me, the cheapest way to get your decisions right all the time is to delight in the Lord and make the Holy Spirit your friend.

To delight in Him is to put His Will at the center of one’s affections. The will of God is that we are filled with the Spirit and not with wine.  His will is that women submit to their husbands and the husbands love their wives like Christ loved the church.  

His will is that we fellowship with Him always and praise Him without season.  His will is that we witness His wonders to other people, so that many be delivered from darkness unto light.

His will is that we should love our neighbours and forgive people that offended us without any bitterness.  You know that love without forgiveness is fake. When people offend us on purpose, i.e deliberately, please forebear.

His will is that we confront our challenges without fear, and by faith destroy the works of darkness.  That is why He gave us the name of Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost fire, stones of fire, East wind and our mouth to speak death to the mountain and trees challenging us.

His will mis that we live in peace with our neighbours and visit people in Prison and encourage them, witness to them and share ever good things we have with them.

His will is that we judge NOBODY..... because many times, we are wrong about other people and the problem facing them.  His will is that we take care of orphans around us and remember the poor and hungry around us.  His will is also that we visit sick people and comfort them with prayer and other things....When we notice some are stranded, we pay the hospital bill and relieve speedily.

Beloved, you may not do all these, but choose one that you are capable of doing consistently and begin to do it as a labour of love and the Lord will bless you.  Remember there is records of every good work in heaven

When you delight in the Lord, you will practice the word you preach.  You will obey His instructions in the bible and do good to others...and then, the Lord will  always put words in your heart for you to do. 

When you do those things the Lord put in your heart, He will thereafter, put the right desires in your heart and fulfill those desires He put in your heart to give you joy.

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