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How to Make Decisions in God's Will Always!


A born again christian is different from so many people.

Decision making is key to every success, and living the Will of God is a decision centred process.  A believer at new birth commits  his life into the hands of Jesus Christ and so he will become a success if he is guided by the Words and instructions of Jesus found in the Holy Bible. 

As a matter of fact, his success depends on his obedience to the word of God and receiving instructions from God always.  Please make no mistakes, if you are a believer and you are not guided by the word and instructions from God, you will meet a lot of hard times and God may not help you.  This is a common confusion for believers.

This is why it appears that new believers are 'hard' in so many things of life and so many people and friends are offended by their actions.  They will continue to resist you until they see that the new believer has indeed embraced Christ in truth and spirit and that certain things he used to do before, he may not do them again.

Decision Makings - Judge Not by Sight:

Many people have endangered their faith in Christ due to bad decisions they made without waiting and hearing from God.  It is not only to wait and hear from God...You must also ask the Will of God in the matter, and every matter of importance.

Though all decision issues are important, but some has far reaching implications than others, for instance, a  wrong decision in marriage (Marrying a wrong partner) could be the end of a glorious destiny in Christ.  If a child of God mistakenly married an daughter or son of the devil, such a christian must be ready...because the serpent must bite.  

Marrying a wrong partner is marrying a spiritual enemy.  Someone whose belief differs from that of the Living God; someone who joke with sin and trivialize the things of God.  Don't mind that such people call themselves Christians and are physically committed in the church;  

You may have even met him/her in the church, where she is serving in a group with so much zeal and you concluded that brother/Sister is a child of God.  But alas...secretly they serve the devil in secret societies...they are workers of iniquity.  This is why the will of God, and His opinion is important for marriage decisions 

If you are in the light and make the error of marrying someone in darkness, you have spiritually embraced darkness without knowing.  If you sleep with a harlot, are you not a harlot? you are a harlot in the spirit.  If you sleep with a witch, you have also become a witch in the spirit without knowing.  

The blessed Holy Spirit is here with us to guide us and show us things to come as well as the present, so it will be hard to make a good decision without involving the Holy Spirit.

The more important the decision is to you, the more you should involve the Holy Spirit as your helper to help you.  Seek the will of God in every decision and depend not on your own wisdom and efforts

Whatever important decision you are preparing to make - Could be relocating to another country, Educational pursuit, Renting and Acquiring a new house etc, seek the mind of God and be guided by His word.

Don’t trust your own understanding, Trust in the Lord - Proverbs 3:5

If you are led by your wisdom and expertise in many important decisions, except you are Spirit filled, you will choose the wrong options because of the fallen nature of man. We are eager to make it 'big' and so that desire will always one astray.

Walk in the light -1 John 1:5-10.

To walk in light is to fear God and reverence Him in all you do.  When a man is filled with the Holy Spirit and he/she walks in the light, you know that the presence of God is with you and His direction will follow.  Also, such a brother/sister will not think or make canal requests and decision making will be easier for such a believer.

Delight in the Lord

The way to know God’s will is to put Him at the center of one’s affections. The will of God is that we are filled with the spirit and not with wine.  His will is that women submit to their husbands and the husbands love their wives like Christ loved the church.  His will is that fellowship with Him always and praise Him without season.  His will is that we witness His wonders to other people, so that many be delivered from darkness unto light.

When you delight in the Lord, you will practice the word you study and He will always put words in your heart to do. When you do those things the Lord put in your heart, He will put the right desires in your heart and then fulfills them to give you joy.

Seek counsel from wise people - Prov. 24:6. 

Wise counselors know God’s Word. When seeking counsel in a biblical fashion, we don’t need human opinions; we need biblically-informed wisdom. We are not seeking a word from man, but a word from God. Thus, we need to seek counsel from believers who have studied the Bible diligently. Wise counselors are spiritually mature and biblically knowledgeable.

Wise counselors are found in good Bible-believing churches. The first place to find such counsel is my own church, assuming I am in a good Bible-believing church. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15). God has given pastors and teachers for the purpose of training and protecting His people (Eph. 4:11-12), and they should always be at the top of the list when it comes to spiritual counsel. 

Wise counselors have wisdom pertaining to your particular situation. If you need advice about automotive repair, you don’t go to an accountant. Likewise, if you need counsel pertaining to preaching, go to a preacher, or if you need counsel about married life, go to someone who is successfully married, or if you need counsel about a missionary calling, go to an experienced missionary. Charles Spurgeon told how that he was discouraged from preaching by a godly woman. The fact is that a woman does not understand such things, no matter how godly she is. He said, “I remember well how earnestly I was dissuaded from preaching by as godly a Christian matron as ever breathed; the value of her opinion I endeavoured to estimate with candour and patience--but it was outweighed by the judgment of persons of wider experience” (C.H. Spurgeon).

Seek counsel from more than one person (“multitude of counselors,” Prov. 11:14; 24:6). This is repeated twice in the Proverbs by way of emphasis. One way that God confirms His will is by the agreement of godly counselors. If a young person is seeking wisdom about marriage, for example, and he or she approaches his parents and his pastor and teachers and other mature spiritual authority figures, there should be agreement. 

Consider the future - Hebrews 11:24-27.

Moses made a major decision sometime in his youth “when he was come to years.” He was the adopted son of Pharaoh, who was the wealthiest and most powerful king of his day. Moses could have chosen to cast his lot with the wealthy and powerful, with the pleasure seekers, but instead he cast his lot with the despised, enslaved Jews. He made this wise decision by looking at the future through God’s Word. He looked ahead to the next life and saw that if he followed Christ he would have trouble in this world and riches in Christ’s eternal kingdom, but if he followed Pharaoh he would have “the pleasures of sin for a season” and then an eternity of regret. 

Every Christian young person needs to follow Moses’ wise example. He needs to ask himself, “If I make this decision what will happen down the road? What are its eternal consequences? If I marry this person; if I take that job; if I pursue that particular education; if I go to that country; if I go to that party; if I develop that friendship; if I buy that television; if I listen to that music; if I am careless about what I see on the Internet; if I let my heart become captured with the love of the world? 

Unbelievers can’t see the future because they walk in darkness and do not believe the Bible. They base their decisions entirely upon what they see with their eyes. They only take into account such things as money, pleasure, and prestige. 

The believer has a light the unbeliever does not have, and he can make wise decisions based on the eternal Word of God. 

Wait on God - Psalm 27:14.

When endeavoring to make a wise decision in God’s will, it is very important to avoid haste. When we are hasty, it is easy to make the wrong decision. We must wait until we are certain that we know the mind of the Lord, and then He will take care of us. 

The wisdom that is from God is always peaceable (James 3:17). God gives peace always by all means (2 Thessalonians 3:16). 

When I am seeking God’s will, I look for this peace. If I have a certain inclination to do something, I want to see if there is growing peace or growing doubt. If something is of God, the peace will grow and the faith will increase, but if it is not His will there will be confusion and doubt and a lack of peace.

God’s will is worth waiting for! Many decisions have consequences that last throughout one’s lifetime, and if an individual gets those decisions wrong, he will not only live to regret it but he will have to bear the consequences until he dies. Marriage is one of these decisions, of course, but there are many others.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell"? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

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