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Trust God



This piece is to encourage all who are going through tough times at the moment and you have tried many things without success.  You were working before, but now no work; you have tried your hands in business without success.

You know they are monitoring your life and where ever you turn they see you and do everything to hinder your success.  They have tried so many things to destroy you, since they say you are stubborn.

They laugh at you and say where is your God...The only thing I want you to do is begin to declare your victory over them, amend your own ways and live holy life and then use the name of Jesus in prayer to destroy their evil works over your life. Speak death to their evil works against you!

A lot of men of God, servants of God, children of God have experienced this kind of SPIRITUAL ROAD BLOCK OR CLOSED HEAVEN.  It leads to poverty, slavery, rejection and untimely death.

It is the work of the devil.  The devil is behind all that wicked set-up against you and this Satan is using people closest to you to attack you.  Why is Satan using people around you?  

1. They are his members.
2. They know your history and story very well.
3. They know what you like to eat, drink and the times when you prefer to eat.
4. They are the people you love and feel free with, not thinking any danger when you are with them.
5. They are your friend and relatives in the day, but at night worshippers and servants of Satan.
6. They are people you cannot run away from.

Know the Truth:

The truth is that household enemies are unrepentant enemies who would always vow to disgrace their victims.

They fight you as a network, other family members about the source of your trouble, but they will never help you.

A believer from a family where there are many witches and wizard is surely in for a battle. Why is this so... You the believer is in light and you are capable of stopping their evil works if you are 'on fire' for Christ, so they will hate with bitterly, while they pretend to be your loved ones.  At every step in the way, they will try to put that believer in bondage to stop him from serving God.

They are the reason why many people cannot be who God created them to be. They are in the house, while many are looking for their enemy outside.  Their plan is to stop your bread and honey from coming and when there is no income, the man is defeated and can easily become a slave to any one who feeds him.  Their plan is to disgrace and kill - Beware of them.  Be wise and know how to cry to God for help.

It is a battle every black man must brace up for.  They know you and you cannot run away from them, so if you cannot run away from them, you cannot run away from the battle of household enemies.   The word of God says the man enemy are members of his household.

They operate with familiar spirit, witchcraft and marine spirits and they hide under the coven name to evade some prayers.  They use astral projection, visit herbalists and other houses of dark power.

To overcome them fully, your spiritual power and fire must eclipse their own if you want them to run back. So, apart from deliverance, you must pray always and live holy, abiding in the word of God.

Ways out of their Bondage: 

1. Trust only in GOD, not relative or friend - Remember the word of God in Micah 7:5-8 “Trust ye not in a friend. When your trust is in the Lord, keep your secrets to yourself. Refrain from discussing your life with them, they will eventually use such information against you.

2.  Do all you can to to live right with God and make the Holy Ghost your friend.  Friends without the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, you may never come out of the bondage.  You may not know you are in bondage whenever the household enemies decide to deal with you.  You can be walking free, but in the spirit, you are in their bondage and they mock you at your back and when they gather for their evil meeting.

In a very serious case, they will be firing you with arrows of lust, immorality and other strange addiction to make sure you are living in sin either secretly or openly....By so doing, you cannot escape from their bondage.  Many people are prostitutes and fornicators today because of arrows of lust fired on them from household enemies who want to disgrace them. So, YOU MUST LIVE A HOLY LIFE TO DEFEAT HOUSEHOLD ENEMIES.

3. Study the Word of God and pray daily.  You need to be born again by the word of God.  It is the word of God in you that shows you are born again. You study the word and obey the word and make it a standard for your life and remember to keep the fire burning with prayer.
Keep your prayer alter fire burning and the word of faith and truth living inside of you, your master Jesus Christ will help you and silence the enemy.

4. Pray always -  Before we go into prayers, remember that in the bible, Samson, a judge in Israel was arrested and tied hands and legs by members of his family and delivered to his enemies Judges 15:1-13, In the case of Joseph, it was the favour of God that made his brother not to kill him, but rather sold him into slavery. Household enemy does not respect anybody, especially when you are not in darkness with them.

5. Run away from all carnality -  a canal man cannot survive household enemies.  If you are still smoking and drinking, if you are still lusting for the opposite sex and you cannot control yourself; if you are still addicted to anything - You better go for deliverance right now.  You you can, then start a deliverance prayer for yourself and take away food for at least 3 days and fast and pray for the addiction and spirit behind it to leave you.  If you cannot conduct self deliverance prayers for yourself, please seek the help of men of God with grace.

6. Generally:

  1. Dwell in the secret place of the most high God
  2. Affirm that God is your Refuge
  3. Look unto JESUS CHRIST, The author and finisher of your faith
  4. Affirm that  God is the only trust you have.  Seek no alternative from the devil!
  5. Don't be afraid of their monitoring spirit, but command the spirit to go blind
  6. Have confidence in the power of God to deliver and set you free


Beloved, when it is clear that household enemies have circled you round to disgrace you, pray these prayers fervently.
  1. O'Lord, let every plan and imagination of the strongman over my life wither from its roots in Jesus name
  2. Let their evil plans, incantation and sacrifices backfire in Jesus Christ name
  3. Let every power sponsoring evil attacks against me be disgraced publicly
  4. Let stubborn strongman of my family fall down and die in Jesus name
  5. Let every strong woman assigned against me be arrested by the fire of God and be destroyed
  6. You the strongman or woman troubling me catch fire, burn to ashes & die.
  7. Let every Goliath pursuing me stumble and fall down and die
  8. O'Lord, let all my enemies eat their own flesh and drink their own blood in Jesus Christ name.
You are blessed,  Make God's word a standard for your life and as you continually praise God to answered prayers, you will see the wonders of faith. Your prayers will be answered and your life transformed.


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