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HOT BITCOIN NEWS.....Launch of Bitcoin Gold, Failure of Seqwit2x,Blockchain Fiesta - Fireinthebone


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are currently challenging the current financial system’s capabilities in the areas of data, tax collection, money laundering and know-your-customer (KYC) protocol because of its structure.

Authorities in government say it was designed to compete with fiat money and avoid government oversight, regulation and taxes and so governments are not folding their arms.  

But Bitcoin is a form of money, because it is used to settle transaction that  people have not seen or touched, yet they accept it and use.

Fireinthebone is committed to enriching the discussions on the future of bitcoin and the blockchain technology, that is why we bring bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and information to readers as they break around the world.  

We stay focused on two important news and teachings  -  BLOCKCHAIN, which is Cryptocurrencies and The CHRISTIAN FAITH!


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Brazil's Central Bank .......Scales up its Blockchain adoption and integration

THE STORY OF FAILED SEGWIT 2x.........What Really Happened and What's Next

CRYPTO BUSINESS........Should Overstock Transform Itself Into Blockchain Company?

BLOCKCHAIN  'BLOCKSHOW' ..........Moves Over to Asia, rewards participants!


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