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HELLO CAMPUS GIRLS........Beware of Greed, Pimps are Looking to Recruit You!


I decided to run a series on how Pimps and the like recruit young girls in the university into prostitution; and the young boys into cultism.  I pray that one or more young people will be delivered from their hands.

For a Fresher, What does the University Environment offer?

Entering the university especially at an early age ism always awesome and celebrated. For the teenager, it is a departure from the parental control and restriction at home into a world of self control and discipline.

You are going to be in-charge of your own life and destiny.

You must then know the kind of companies to keep in the campus.

If you are attracted to night life in the campus, remember that you will be opening yourself up for cultists to target you and force you into their midst

If you like big babes in campus who flaunt their clothes, shoes and handbags in the class and at play ground, remember  they will not give you any fish, they will only teach you how to catch one...They will easily lead you into prostitution and once you join them, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN,  howbeit in the negative. 

You will be exposed to smoking, drinking, Hard drugs, and disease of all kinds.  In addition, spirit of lust that make people devalue their body will enter too.
That is when your dressings will change for the worse.

The psychology of a young girl before she got admission is very important. 

The mindset of a young boy or girl before she enters the university is very important. What are you going to school for?

Are you going to school to make new friends, enjoy life or acquire education that will make you contribute to society?  Think of this.

There is a family in Nigeria whose three children all graduated with first class and first class distinction.  The first children made a first class and the rest of the children had to work hard to maintain the record of the first child.

Their vision and drive was excellence from the start and it became possible for them.

So, what have you determined to do in the school. I learnt some girls want to get married before they graduate -  Good for them, But if that is not your plan, avoid such girls, else one day, they will teach you how to catch men and keep them, then you end up with third class ordinary degree.

If your goal is to maker the best result...It means you will have to start early to pay attention to what they are teaching in the class. It also means that you are 90% study, 10% leisure student.  This is usually called 'self-imposed discipline'.  It pays you back very soon as your colleagues will observe you are intelligent and you become an asset to them, yet, you must not loose focus.

If you are going to school to become a Rights Activist, remember the rustication hammer could land on you sooner than you think, and if you don;t have parent that can transfer you to another school or even fly you abroad to complete your education there, you may never return to the university again.  This does not mean you should not aspire to lead, NO. 

It means that you do what to occasion demands and if you find your way into the student union, then you must keep asking God for divine wisdom not to misbehave, loose focus or join bad group as a result of your union activities until you graduate.

How do you Beat hardship in School?

The first step is to plan your life and expenses while in school.  Don't desire what you cannot afford.

Don't seek to see and know everything around you - if you get too inquisitive, they will mislead you.

Avoid flamboyant ladies, many of whom are over 23-28 years and above. A fresher that joins herself with flashy campus ladies, who are not always in the class, they are full of excuses why there are not in the class and so your connection with them is a disaster.

Not only with they teach you to prostitute with your body and cause you to loose focus like them, they will get you into female cultism (Black,Red and Brown Brazier cult) and boys company.  The occultic initiation enrolls you into  witchcraft, because witches supervise all demonic initiations.  Then, What is left of your Christianity and love for God?

Do a budget of how much you need for a month ..down to when you will receive your next transfer from your family.

If what your parents can afford is not enough, even after cutting off so many things, then seek other relatives who can support you.  Before you begin communicating with them, let your parents know and possibly inform the relative that you desire to communicate to them.

The best way to start that kind of conversation is to go over to their house and spend your holiday with them...and while there help them in every domestic work  cleaning, washing, running their businesses,taking care of the little ones and whatever you find to do there.

When you bless them, they will in turn bless you. He who watereth others, shall himself be watered.

Never think you have arrived because you got admission, NO. See yourself as your mother's girl and then watch and pray for God to guide and help you. Never you desire to taste wild life, after all, some will say that such school opportunity comes once, but that is not true.

Be content with what your parents can afford and appreciate them.

If you need them to give you more money, then pray for them every day that God will increase them and bless the works of their hands.

Avoid Greed:
Greed is one of the fastest route to prostitution in the school.  Be yourself and keep friend that mirror you.  If you are a believer, keep believer friends who will share and support you when you need encouragement.

Older ladies will corrupt you in school. Some of them use means to collect money from men they call Sugar Daddies and so many of them die in the struggle.  The unfortunate ones are used for ritual murder, but such will not be your portion in Jesus Christ name!

Let believers and God fearing girls be your model, they are there in all the campuses.  They are as bold as the lion in the campus - the the Lord their God liveth and watches over them.  Join fellowship and discretely discern them and socialize with them, and you will see sister care at its best.

Guide your thought and conscience wittingly throughout your university.  If you bribe your way or use your body to make life easy for yourself...you may end up acquiring a certificate that may not benefit you thereafter.  If the process is not clean, the certificate is cursed.  Also, when the process is not hard work and scholarly, the person ends up with a certificate she cannot defend in real life, when the opportunity for work comes.

Any student living above her means, young or old, please avoid.  They take pleasure in displaying flashy phones that even bank workers cannot afford, they are mostly not intelligent and their academic life is low, they end up being slave girl to men.  That will not be your portion!


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