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FIREINTHEBONE..............Leader in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has received so much public attention due to the uniqueness of the digital currency Bitcoin, and how it is structured to operate in settling payment transactions across the world.  
Authorities in government say it was designed to compete with fiat money and avoid government oversight, regulation and taxes.  While I see Bitcoin as money people have not seen or touched, yet they accept it and use  
That's the mystery of digital currencies.
Fireinthebone has become a leader in Bitcoin, blockchain and related news as they break around the world.  We stay focused on two important news and teachings  -  BLOCKCHAIN - Cryptocurrencies and The  CHRISTIAN FAITH!

information, ...
Blockchain Enabling Users ........Multiple Benefits, Utilization of  Excess Capacity
Thai Bank, IBM ............Collaborate on Blockchain Contract Management Project
BITCOIN GOLD...... Hard Fork Suspension made CEOs Relieved, Yet its set to Happen!
BITCOIN SECURITY IN DANGER......As Quantum Computers Might Jack Your Crypto Private Key in 10 Years
LOCKED ETHER FUNDS.........Parity Technology Won't Push for Emergency Fork

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