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DON'T GO TO THE BROTHEL.............To Preach the Gospel, Could Backfire!

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The work of God require wisdom to execute, It also require God-given  grace to succeed.  In all cases, our zeal is not enough. there is a place for Word, christian maturity and power.

So, what happens when a pastor is seen walking into a brothel? Will people view him as someone going to preach the Word of God or simply giving in to his lust? 

The brothel is not a 'mission field' for any minister can just walk into and preach.  It require special grace from God, clearly understood by the preacher.  Wisdom is required in executing the mission as he should never go there alone.  

Still, others insist that it really doesn’t matter what people think as long as your intention is to spread the gospel word.

We must walk in wisdom if we hope to succeed.  Many a times zeal is not enough to move you as a preacher, into certain sensitive actions.  You need to hear from God or even ask Him whether you should go ahead, otherwise a way may seem good, but the end point may be death.

Without clear direction from God and enabling grace, many of such preachers end up being defeated by the same Prostitutes they went to win over to God.

The story below, said to have happened in Gauteng SA is an example of this sad development that has caused many to backslide from the faith.

Here's the Story

The charm and precision prostitutes use to rob men are so surgical that even men of God now fall victims.

Take, for instance, what happened to two supposedly overambitious pastors in Gauteng who, in their desperation to grow their church membership, got lured to preach at a brothel, only to be raped and robbed.

The brethren are said to have visited the house of sin in a bid to get the women of easy virtue born again and to, perhaps, join their church. But as fate would have it, the men of God were instead seduced and lured to engage into se_x with the pr_ostitutes before their bibles and clothes were confiscated, following a verbal combat over the small matter of payment.

A source familiar with the scandal told this writer that the pastors had genuine and good intentions, but the wanton display of nu_dity disoriented them, making them succumb to temptations. Let’s just say the spirit was willing to resist temptations, but the flesh was weak.

Reportedly, after the men of God broke the Sixth Commandment the potent sedatives that had been used on them took a toll, rendering them unconscious.

The hookers are believed to have ransacked the pastors, only to find nothing. But as if to punish them, they undressed them and confiscated their tools of trade. Dung, however, hit the fan when the pastors regained composure.

They tried to curse the prostitutes, telling them that they will go to hell for forcing them to sin. In the end, Good Samaritans clothed the men of God who left the scene in a huff with nowhere to hide their faces.

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Saviour and the time to prepare is NOW.  Give your heart to the Lord today, if you have not done that before,  Don't wait for another day!

His grace be with you all.  


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