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CONFUSION......... Gospel Artists can Perform At Night Clubs – Mary Agyemang

                        Mary Agyemang

One of the questions that bother many gospel musicians is whether it’s alright for them to perform at nightclubs. 

This is a canal question!  It is not right!!

The painful truth is that many of the choresters and praise singers that lead in singing praises unto God every Sunday perform in the night clubs, in the midst of heavy smoking and drinking,  people shouting and wailing, many of them have not been to the church for 10 years.

These religious choristers are motivated by the money they will get, without knowing the harm such exposure will do to their soul and Christian faith.

Such Artists who think they can handle everything about their life fall into these type of temptation.  They feel they do not need anyone to counsel them, when the temptation starts coming to them. The devil will tell them the money is important, sin e they are struggling.

The love for money and cheap popularity is what seduces them to the club.......Brethren, nothing spiritually positive will come out of it!

“Change Over” singer Mary Agyemang joins the list of gospel artists who believe performing at a nightclub is okay.

According to the singer, a gospel musician should always be ready to perform at any event as such platforms only present another opportunity to spread the gospel.

“We are to go anywhere and preach the gospel so I’ll go,” she said. “If I don’t go to the nightclub, who will be there to deliver the message to them. I always say that we should not be hypocrite. Will you be tagged as a sinner if you perform at nightclub?”

Any one who knew Club before he/she repented would agree that it is indeed shameful to think of such for any reason.  I want to say to the artist, the club and what goes on their is bigger than you and its just a matter of time, your moral fibre will be destroyed and in exchange, the spirit of lust, worldliness and pleasure will replace morality.

Agyemang pointed out that many people just want to preach the Word in church yet there are many sinners out there who need to be reached out to.

The club is not a fertile ground to sow the seed of the word of God, because  People go to club for a purpose.  It does not mean you cannot really preach there, but it is not a fertile ground. A lot of people in the club may not be in the right frame of mind to listen , talk less following your preaching.

“We always want to preach at churches so how will the sinners outside the church know Christ,” she asked. “The Bible even tells us to go everywhere on this planet to preach the gospel but didn’t say only the church.”

If you would have to become a witch in order to go and preach to them in their coven, then something is wrong.

Asked specifically whether other artists who have chosen to stay away from the club are hypocrites, she gave an emphatic yes and asserted that “if you won’t go and preach to them, who should go there? They are being hypocrites. If you tell me you won’t go there you are a hypocrite because you do not know the lifestyle of the person at church you are always preaching to.”

On the contrary, the gospel artist can invite people to church from the club. Club is not home or hotel where people live.  Its a meeting point and by the morning, people go about their business and work. Invite them to church ot fellowship.

Some people argue that by performing at a nightclub, a Christian musician gives a bad image, which is likely to send people further away from Christ. The argument is that people whose weakness is clubbing may not quit if they see professed Christians joining them at the club, whether to spread the gospel or otherwise.

The gospel artist that go to club, I think do not go there to preach.  They go there to entertain clubbers and it is imaginable to think they will sing their mix song and not the real christian tunes.

When it comes to preaching the Word of God, many Christians say it’s important to look for a neutral place to spread the word. Let it not be a place that can send wrong signals to those who don’t totally agree with Christians going to nightclubs.

For example, what happens when a pastor is seen walking into a brothel? Will people view him as someone going to preach the Word of God or simply giving in to his lust? 

Even though he might be going into the brothel to win souls, his action is likely to send more people away from Christ.  Not only that, he must be accompanied by another brother or two.  Many of such brothers and pastors who do not have the calling to preach to Prostitutes will eventually be defeated by the same people they are witnessing to.  There are cases where such preaching backfired and the spirit of lust posses the brother and destroys his confession.

Still, others insist that it really doesn’t matter what people think as long as your intention is to spread the gospel word.

We must walk in wisdom if we hope to succeed.  Many a times zeal is not enough to move you as a preacher, brother or sister to do something.  You need to hear from God or even ask Him whether you should go ahead, otherwise a way may seem good, but the end point may be death.

These are my reactions.  Please feel free to add yours!



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