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BITCOIN TRADING NEWS..............Avoid Emotional Decisions While Trading!

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Bitcoin and crypto currency trading is not the easiest of work to do...  It requires good knowledge of some of the currencies and the services their startup provide to keep the currency price active and bubbling among hundred other cryptocurrencies.

It also require an understanding of the crypto market and its trends, how information enters the market as well as signs that a currency is gaining momentum and so on.

It is of note that the market is a flexible and fluid one and a coin can experience a price spike of about 80% in the morning, but by the evening, the same currency could be in deficit.  

The market experiences volatility on individual currency level as well as market- wide volatility.  In the midst of all these, some digital currencies in the market are over valued due to hype and others are loosing value due to lack of information coming to the market about the companies that issued the currency and what progress they are making.

In the mist of all these, there is one thing you don't need, when you are trading or investing on cryptocurrencies. - it is called EMOTIONAL SENTIMENT. The cryptocurrency trader must avoid emotional decisions, because it could ruin a million dollar investment in a second.

Cryptocurrency Investment is a serious business and highly technical and risky, so investors and traders are advised to be clear upfront, what they will do when price go down rapidly.  Also, when prices refuse to rebound - how they will handle it.

Make sure you have an exit strategy in mind before investing. What to do in the interim when the unexpected happens and in all these hold your emotion stable.

Extreme price volatility can lead to investors taking emotional decisions, but that 'high tension' volatility itself is a product of market information that only few people know about. 

Let me conclude by saying that a good crypto trader should be able to trade profitably in both 'Green and Red market lights' Investors and traders should understand how to navigate both market conditions and still return with a profit,  

It requires planning strategies upfront and being on guide for the period of trading.


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