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BITCOIN TRADING NEWS FOR MONDAY.........Fireinthebone, Leader in bitcoin and blockchain News


Bitcoin          $6,393.09;       BCash $1,150.73;   Ethe $312.56
Gain/Loss         +1.07             -5.25                        +3.17

The price of bitcoin is rising slowly to $6,393.09, while bitcoin Cash is recovering from a monumental loss of 60% recorded earlier this morning to -5.25 at press time and Ethereum trading at a plus 3.17%.


Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency investors and traders alike are waiting to see whether Bitcoin Cash will live up to the expectation and positive sentiments expressed  by many investors about it other the past one week.  

Fireinthebone monitored trading activities and discovered Bitcoin Cash has not only been popular in reclining prices, it gathered to itself investment in the region of 79,555 bitcoin as at this morning.  This is one of the highest any stock has gathered in a day in one exchange in recent times.

This is an indication of investors and traders confidence in Bitcoin Cash, hoping it will return to the green light as the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin itself.

Meanwhile, the digital currency Dash has experienced an impressive surge over the past 24 hours. Earlier in the day, Dash was valued at $319 each. Less than 12 hours later, the price had surged to $520 before retreating to $460 at press time.

Among a sea of red, Dash stood out as one of the day’s biggest gainers, up over 60 percent at its peak. The obvious question is why.

Big blocks activation
As Bitcoin’s big blockers gave up hope following the cancellation of SegWit2x, Dash had already begun the process of activating a block size upgrade on its own network, boosting blocks to 2MB. While Bitcoin Cash is by far the favorite of the big block crowd, it’s possible some have placed at least a portion of their funds in Dash.

Earlier this year, Dash received some positive attention from big blockers Roger Ver and Charlie Shrem.

Dash has its own scalability plan, and it’s chosen an on-chain path. Rather than deploying payment channels like Bitcoin’s experimental Lightning Network or Ethereum’s planned Raiden Network, Dash intends to use ultra-large blocks. Dash’s founder Evan Duffield posted on Medium earlier this year:

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