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BITCOIN IS IN A BUBBLE..........But that's not a bad thing - Joseph Lubin Ethereum Co-Founder


If you are looking for a reassuring word about Bitcoin, then look no further.  Those words you need to hear about the future of your investment in Bitcoin is coming from no other person, but the Co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, who says yes, Bitcoin is in a bubble, but that’s not a bad thing.

The idea that this revolutionary technology may simply be building to burst has a lot of investors behaving cautiously, but Lubin sees it differently. He believes that if this is indeed a bubble then it is a healthy thing.

Good kind of bubble - Lubin remarked of Bitcoin:

“Totally a bubble. This is the good kind of bubble that occurs when a profound technology emerges and can’t build out its infrastructure fast enough for all the people that see the value and the vision.”

Lubin suggests that there have been bubbles all along the way. Bitcoin rockets, then corrects, and these movements are good for the digital currency.

Doomsayers maintain that a large bubble is on the way that could sink Bitcoin and send it to zero, but Lubin is of the opinion that the current price corrections can only strengthen the industry going forward:

“We will see bubble, after bubble, after bubble, each larger than the last and each creating more fundamental value, because this technology is so powerful and profound that it is going to change the way IT systems around the world are being built.”


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