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BITCOIN IN 2018...............What You should Know and Expect


In 2018,  BNP Paribas thinks that gold prices will probably start weak and then rally into midyear on low interest rates and then turn lower as nominal rates rise. But with digital currency Bitcoin described as commodity and money, what should you expect?

But for the digital currency Bitcoin and its variety of altcoins having had a memorable 2017, characterized by controversies, price bubbles and institutional stampede, yet bitcoin became more popular with institutions and the general public across the world.  

So, what do you expect to see in 2018, will it be a Bitcoin year?

This is not a forecast or prediction,  rather my perspective for now.

1. With Segwit2x buried in the ice and yet an altcoin Bitcoin gold arrives the market, there will be a battle for relevance among the entire bitcoin crypto space.  Starting with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Plus, Bitcoin Dark, and possibly Bitcoin Silver.

2. Bitcoin is unassailable as the flagship until another consensus fork that will surpass bitcoin quality and is cheaper to mine and scalable to process transactions in such a speed that will challenge VISA etc

3. We may begin to see State issued digital currency starting 2018, not necessarily to challenge Bitcoin, but to introduce digital currency to their people and encourage its adoption as a cheaper and more efficient money.

4. We will also see more jobs being created in the crypto market and associated services and popularity and adoption of digital currency will be second to none.

5. Bitcoin Cash should be able to define its strength and step up its own adoption as a digital currency.  Otherwise, currencies like DASH will rise above measure in 2018 as they have been penetrating several sectors with DASH and the currency use is on the rise.

6. Bitcoin Gold is good on paper, but with time we will know how good the team is in all the areas of cryptocurrency business.  It is expected to overtake Bitcoin Cash in price within months of its launch if it gets its acts together and show strength as a cryptocurrency.  The reason is simple - The market know Bitcoin Cash already and they expect Bitcoin Gold to excel Bitcoin Cash.

7. The crypto world, comprising of investors and users are expecting another strong digital currency to compete with Bitcoin and provide an alternative to Bitcoin. The price difference between Bitcoin and all the over 1,281 other altcoins not withstanding, the market will do better and grow bigger with one or two digital currencies in the quality and capacity of Bitcoin

8. Bitcoin price may not be easy to predict without first resolving the network delays it is experiencing. Bitcoin Cash and DASH has undertaken recent upgrades.  Bitcoin should upgrade and return to speed.  This is very important as its use and adoption continues to grow...so will transaction be increasing - their network should be ready for the surge.

9. If the Bitcoin Gold will compete with USD as a currency, which they touted as one of their dream, then the digital currency must undergo real fine-tunning to be able to compete with USD.

10. Back to Bitcoin..... I see a lot of them moving up in prices and touching new heights.  At press time, their prices were

  1. Bitcoin  BTC                  $6,993.91
  2. Bitcoin Cash BCH          $1,287.50
  3. Bitcoin Gold  BTG            $167.41
  4. Bitcoin Dark  BTCD          $111.85
  5. Bitcoin Plus   XBC             $88.39
Courtesy CoinMarketCap.

11. Generally, I believe all these bitcoin varieties will gain new price levels in 2018.

12. Investor turned crypto hedge fund mogul Mike Novogratz has predicted $10,000 BEFORE April 2018

13. Bitcoin Gold looks good to overtake Bitcoin Cash if they are up and doing.

14. Bitcoin Plus and Dark are usually contemporaries in strength, so the difference in their prices I believe is an opportunity.

This conversation will continue later. Please drop your comments.


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