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BITCOIN FUTURES..........Argentinian Futures Exchange Eyes Bitcoin Offering


Argentina's largest futures market, Rofex has announced plans to offer bitcoin services to investors.  Rofex head Diego Fernandez said in an interview that the possible offering is at "laboratory stage" and that the firm plans to make an announcement "before the end of the year."

Fireinthebone gathered that the Latin American country's Mercado de Termino de Rosario (Rofex) is focusing on how it might offer cryptocurrency futures as part of its suite of offerings. Rofex has preliminarily drafted its plans to provide custody services for the digital asset and the use of bitcoin as collateral in futures trading for its clients.

Notably, Fernandez also indicated how, for mainstream financial institutions, cryptocurrencies are increasingly being seen as another way to extend business lines.

When asked why Rofex would provide the service, he responded "because it's our core business," though he added that the company would still need to seek regulatory approval before launching any bitcoin product.


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