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Bitcoin Cash ........Might Settle for Less Than $1,000 as Market awaits for CME Futures

This Thurdsay, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price continues to hoover between $1000 and $1,100 down from $1,200 - $1.350 of yesterday, provoking the sentiment that its right price mighty be less than $1,000.  This is not withstanding the giant strides of last weekend when BCH price rose to all time high of $2,477.

At press time BCH is standing at $981.30

By now, however, it is apparent that the ‘flippening,’ predicted by some of the BCH’s most enthusiastic supporters, is not happening any time soon. Bitcoin Cash retraces to its established levels around $1,000 while BTC is maintaining dominance.

In fact, Bitcoin continues breaking all records, as it blew right past the $7,500 mark and is now at around $7700, owing in large part to the news about the CME Group announcing Bitcoin futures trading.

The current price fluctuations are a reflection of the ongoing competition between the two coins for the place of a ‘true’ Bitcoin, with the supporters of both solutions being sharply divided over their differences.

Fireinthebone will continue monitoring the market and reporting on the price movements, even as the promoters of Bitcoin hopes the CME futures arrangement upon which the latest bitcoin hype and mainstream adoption to the next level is based will be approved by SEC.

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