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BITCOIN CASH ANNOUNCEMENT...........Humbles Bitcoin Price, Sets Bitcoin Cash on the Run

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The price of bitcoin is down more than 8 percent, continuing losses that began, I think when information got to the market that SegWit2x will still fork.  The cryptocurrency began to slip from  the $7,000 mark.

Markets have fallen to as low as $6,475.40, according to the monitor from our office, the lowest level reported since Nov. 1, when markets traded between $6,357 and $6,750.17. Markets slid below $7,000 earlier today in a reversal of the bullish market moves seen earlier this week that pushed the price of bitcoin close to $7,900.

Except there is a superior justification for what the Bitcoin price is saying now, It will be safe to conclude the BTC price of $6,578.44 at press time is in response to the announcement yesterday that Bitcoin Gold will still fork.  

It is also on the same basis that bitcoin cash has been set on the run, hitting an all time high of over $809 at press time.

Earlier in the day's trading, the price had climbed as high as $7,330.06, with today's fall marking a more than $600 decline since that level.

At press time, bitcoin is trading at $6,557.09,  Bitcoin cash  $926.20


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