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Biafra: How Igbos have demonstrated faith in one Nigeria – Governor Ikpeazu

Okezie Ikpeazu, Governor of Abia State said the people of the South-East have shown more faith in the unity of Nigeria than any other region.  The governor said people of the South East have business ventures scattered all over the country, an indication that they believed in one Nigeria.

He said there is no part of Nigeria you will not find the igbos including Sambisa Forest.  According to Ikpeazu, “If the questions we ask in this country today are whether there are inequalities, there are gaps, there are people who don’t feel that they have been fairly treated either as an individual or as a family or as a geopolitical zone, the answer is yes.

“There is agitation in the north east, there is agitation in the south west, of course there is agitation in the south east but I dare say that there is no other ethnic group in this country that has as much faith in Nigeria as a country, one united country than the people of the south east, that is why they are in Sambisa.

“You can count how many big businesses belonging to the south westerners that are in Aba. You can count how many big businesses belonging to the people from the north east, north west, north central that you can find in Owerri, you cannot find a four storey building belonging to somebody from the north east anywhere in the south east.

“But if you go to Kano, you don’t count three hotels before you count that of somebody from the south east. What it means is that we are the people that have demonstrated faith in the united Nigeria.”


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