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Amazon Integration of Bitcoin as payment option........will Deepen Bitcoin Adoption


Amazon integration may launch Bitcoin into the real bubble!  

Bitcoin is celebrating its ninth year with massive interest and popularity as government action and soaring demand has kept the price within the green line for three straight days.
That is the stage that made CNBC host Brian Kelly say that "Bitcoin will amazon the banks".  Kelly, a well-known proponent of Bitcoin and frequently advises investment, outlined three reasons why consumers should buy now.

“Demonstrated demand for the product” and a “massive addressable market” are the two other key factors making Bitcoin a good bet, Kelly explained.

“Amazon comes in, they go direct to the consumer… ‘DTC,’” he said. “Well, this is ‘BTC’ - the Bitcoining of the banks.”

Kelly has become increasingly vocal on Bitcoin’s virtues in recent months as the cryptocurrency reaches new all-time price highs time and again.

Even during the fallout from China’s trading and ICO ban when prices halved, Kelly remained steadfast in his support, giving CNBC viewers hints as to the perfect floor to buy more. At the time, that was $3,600 - around 65 percent of today’s price. He continued:

Now, he says  "I have a product that people want in a market that is massive and there’s a disruptive technology going on. To me, those are the three elements of any investment that I want It’s one of the best investments out there.”

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