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AM GERMANY NEWS HEADLINES......Germany Newspaper Headlines for Saturday 11.11.2017

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This Saturday, November 11, 2017, The news across Germany this morning is still unfolding. 

We present the major Germany Newspaper headlines for today with an assurance that you will be glad you did.


Berlin and beyond: From Russia with love

It is often said you can take a person out of a place, but not vice versa. From condensed milk to vodka and pickled tomatoes to melancholy music, Russian Berlin is a magical case in point. 

Germany accused of delaying refugee family reunifications
Thousands of people, many of them children, with a right to rejoin family in Germany are stuck in Greece. Berlin blames Greek inefficiency, while critics say Germany doesn't try to expedite the refugees' arrival. 

Hamburg supermarket attacker charged with murder
Prosecutors have said that the Hamburg knife attack suspect wanted to "kill as many Germans of Christian faith as possible" but was not a member of "IS". One person was killed and six wounded in the July assault. 

German authorities target illegal file-sharing site in large-scale operation
German investigators have shut down an illegal file-sharing site as part of a police sting across the country. Authorities say the site's activities caused several million in damages to copyright owners. 

NGOs tell German government: Don't 'instrumentalize' development work
Aid organizations have warned Berlin about instrumentalizing development work to further national interests. Germany's next government needs to focus less on curbing migration and more on crisis prevention, they said. 

Germany's EU bill to rise by 16 percent post-Brexit: report
Germany will need to pay an extra €3.8 billion into the EU's coffers once Britain leaves the bloc. A new report, which is likely to rile German taxpayers, suggests France and Italy will face much lower budget hikes. 

Germans reminded to never forget at Kristallnacht events
Germans are commemorating the 79th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Nazi-inspired nationwide pogrom against Jews. Politicians in Berlin are hoping to rebuild a synagogue on the spot where Germans destroyed it in 1938. 

European Court of Justice tells German churches to respect EU discrimination law
The European Court of Justice has called on German churches to change policies requiring all employees of its charities to be Christian. It's a conflict not only between EU and national law, but within German law itself. 

Taxpayers demand end to 'Soli' tax to boost eastern German economy
As Germany negotiates a new government, pressure is growing to ax a tax for special economic aid to the formerly communist East. Are Germans tired of paying reunification costs, even as the eastern economy lags behind?  

Police pin more murders on noxious German nurse Niels H.
A nurse already convicted of two murders is now suspected of more than 100 additional killings. Niels H. once testified that he acted "out of boredom" and hoped to bring patients back from a drug-induced brink. 

Berlin: Görlitzer Park cannabis possession once again legal
Berlin has quietly ended a ban on cannabis possession in this notorious park, admitting it was ineffective in addressing flagrant criminality. Drug pushers are a constant fixture, despite a zero-tolerance policy. 

German court hands suspended sentence to Swiss spy for snooping on tax officials
Swiss spy Daniel M. in court
Rarely has a spy case attracted as much attention in Germany as that of Daniel M. The bungling double agent passed on troves of bank data to German tax officials while allegedly gathering info on them for the Swiss.  

Amid controversy, Germany's police struggle to find recruits
Serious accusations leveled at the Berlin police academy include violent and even criminal trainees. Meanwhile, police forces around the country are struggling to find suitable recruits. 

Opinion: Germany's decision on the third gender is long overdue
Germany just ruled on the legal need to provide a gender option beyond "male " or "female." But the ethical recommendation for a third gender actually came years ago. DW’s Christoph Strack finds the delay shameful. 

German hospitals 'carrying out unnecessary operations'
A new study has highlighted well-documented problems in the German health care system - doctors have a huge financial incentive to offer unnecessary treatments, and hospitals remain under intense financial pressure. 

Germany's intersex verdict: 'Every person has a gender'
DW spoke with Lucie Veith, one of the many individuals affected by the Germany's ruling on a third gender option. While applauding the overdue verdict, the intersex activist questioned whether labels are even necessary. .....Courtesy DW


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