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WOMEN.....Sell All & Become a Disciple - How? - But I love to be Trendy for Christ!


SELLING ALL THINGS........Disciples Requirement - Mathew 19: 16-30

He continued, saying "Thou knowest the commandments – Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and mother"

The man replied saying All these things have I observed from my youth up.  When Jesus heard it, He said unto him, One thing thou lackest yet:.....Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shall have treasure in heaven; then come and follow me!

The Pain of Selling All:
Beloved, this young man was the only person whom Jesus invited to follow Him that could not respond due to his possessions, which the bible said was great.  The young man became exceedingly sorrowful, for he was very rich.

Jesus seeing him walk away sorrowful said to His disciples “How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a Camel to enter in through a needle’s eyes, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. 

Remember there is the kingdom of God and Kingdom of heaven. The believer start his walk with God by entering the kingdom of God. John 3: 3-6

Remember also that the kingdom of God has come down to earth in our hearts already, so what Jesus was saying is that to be a child of God in the heart, spirit, soul and body will require total trust in God alone.  

The only requirement for entering the kingdom of God is to be born again.  Jesus speaking to Nicodemus in John 3: 3-6 said "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter  into the kingdom of God - John 3:3-6".

It means that when you repent and say the salvation prayer with some of your confidence in facing challenges of life still on your fat bank account or the properties you have acquired, you are missing the point.  

Some people would "with what I have, I believe I will be able to overcome that challenge.  This type of comment is not that of a child of God trusting in Him for all things.  You will say, I know that with Him by my side, I will overcome that challenge.

To conclude on the young  ruler's encounter, May I say that selling off all you have to trust and depend on GOD alone is one of the requirements for following Jesus.  Another one is that you must carry your burden and follow Him daily.

As for the Kingdom of heaven, Jesus said in Math 18:3-4 says  Except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.  And when they hindered the children from coming to Him, He said suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven. 

Zacchaeus Close to Heaven, but regarded as a Sinner by the People:
There was the story of a man called Zacchaeus who made haste to see Jesus and because he was a short man and cannot be seen in the midst of the crowd, he climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Jesus.  

But when Jesus got there, He looked up and asked him to come down.  This man Jesus saw his heart and went  to his house for lunch.  The people regarded him as a sinner and so they murmured when Jesus went to his house for lunch.

It was there that the man made a shocking revelation of his life.  He told the Lord that half of his goods he gave to the poor; and if he had wrongfully exacted aught from any man, he would restore fourfold. Luke 19:8-10

Early Believers Sold All, Gained Anointing and Power Freely:
We see another selling all story in Acts 2:44-45, which says And all that believed were together, and had all things in common; and they sold their possessions and goods and parted them to all, according as any man had need.

Trust and Dependence...Reason to Sell All:
Another relevant scripture is found in Mathew 6:19-24 which says Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth where moth and rust consume, and where thieves break through and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where thy treasure is, there will thy heart be also.

The statement was concluded with a caveat that: No man can serve two masters….Ye cannot serve God and serve Mammon.

A call to sell all is a call unto sanctification.  Sanctification is being dedicated to God and the things of God.  Before we start looking at this topic, remember that the 12 disciples were dedicated to Jesus and His gospel full time.  They abandoned their fishing business and family to concentrate and follow Jesus every where.  There were others working and some in business, but they followed Him with their heart and action.

Riches and wealth is good and every one's desire, but the devil is an expert in turning peoples blessing to curses without the people knowing.  Have you noticed how beautiful ladies are easily deceived into a 'slave' girl, who sells her body for money and other vices, so that in the end she cannot keep home. The blessing of beauty has turned to a curse - that's the work of Satan.

Prosperity is good, but when God bless people and put them in position of authority, soon, they will not have time for the things of God.  They will tell you they don’t have time any more. The time for things of God is spent in meetings and entertainment. 

When money come, peoples status change and  they are deceived to walk away gradually from God.  Some may not stop coming to church meetings, but in their heart the thing that give them joy is the riches and choise properties they have acquired.  They don't rejoice for the salvation delivered to us on the cross by Jesus Christ, they don't even know what that mean.

This is why many CEOs, Cabinet and high ranking government officials are not seen in the churches on Sunday, though they are believers.  They are attending meeting or playing golf.

With material possessions, Will you still trust God:
Brethren material possessions has a strong deception attached to it.  It is a ticket to the good things of life which is what people say is the reason why they are working hard…to get money and enjoy their lives.

But Jesus the Lord used the case of that young ruler to show all believers that money is a god that people worship and die for.  Even though the young ruler had kept all the commandments, yet this heart was not perfect with God because of his great possessions.

One of the requirements for following Jesus is depending entirely on the Lord for everything you need. This is why many believers face turbulent times after giving their heart to Jesus.  The wind will blow and keep blowing until your rich bank becomes lean.  Your dependence must change from people and money to the Living God alone.

People who are greedy for material possessions are warned to lay aside all things and seek to know God. Wealth is a good thing and the envy of all, but only a few people can be very blessed and still pursue the things of God, living righteously in their business and personal lives.  

Riches and wealth bring you into contact with different people and diverse exposures, only a few people can manage these exposures and still remain committed to the holiness standards of the Almighty God.

Money and great possession is good, but how many rich people love God and the people of God. Money, riches and wealth exposes you to the world and best things of life and once you embrace money,power and fame that is in the world, the love of the Father will dry up in that person.

Many started their Christian journey with huge bank accounts, cars and houses, but today, some are left with only life that God has sustained for them, others are left with only their personal house where they live, but they are living happily in the Lord and they know that in due time, they will be restored like Job was restored.

Many others cannot endure hardship or losing anything they have possessed and so they have returned to the world to recover what they lost through honest and holy living.

It is clear that no one can enter the kingdom of God who is still dwelling in the flesh. To follow Jesus is to act with God and you need to be in the Spirit.  It is not easy for a canal man to sell all his possession and give to the poor, neither is it easy for him to love anybody other than himself.  

It is clear that to abandon all things for the sake of the kingdom of God is awkward to the canal man.  It is unthinkable and probably foolishness in their eyes, yet it is what the kingdom of heaven require.

Remember that Jesus promises to make you……a new person, fishers of men.  It is easy when you are empty as a vessel, so when you take away those possession that make you proud in the heart and speak with arrogance, the Lord will fill you with grace.

The Lord will release His grace to become a new person, the grace to follow through and the grace to obtain favour of man with wisdom to prosper upon you life and into your Spirit man.


So, what we need is to trust in God and the grace that make impossibility possible comes upon you and all the money, houses and children you lost will be recovered.

Zacchaeus gave half of his possessions to the poor and do regular restitution and Jesus found him the the crowd, yet the people were looking at him as a sinner.  

Many of us were lost before Jesus found us and established us today.  Beloved, What is your experience in life, will you be found today?   

Have you been disappointed severally by men or women, Jesus is calling on you to come unto Him with all your cares, burden and He will give you rest.  Will you receive Him into your heart today?  

Remember, He came looking for you, to give you rest from struggling, suffering, loneliness and disappoints of life, but you should, first give your heart to Him and allow Him to change you for the better.

May the LORD bless you!

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