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TRUE STORY: JOURNEY TO EUROPE.........Man returns to Empty Home - Only Son dead, wife remarried!

A Nigerian man deported from Libya has returned home to meet the shock of his life as it turned out that his only son died during the five-year period he was not around and his wife had since remarried.

Harrison, the Nigerian man who spent two years in an underground dungeon in Libya, opened up on the trials and challenges he faced after being deported from Libya. 

The young man who was one of the deportees that came into the country some days ago, had illegally set out on a journey to Europe in search of a better life and future.  

It was gathered that the boat in which they traveled sank in the night on the Mediterranean Sea; he was part of the three survivors. He escaped death narrowly by clinging to an empty oil can oblivious of the fact that the things he would see and hear in reality would shatter him beyond words.

Harrison revealed that he was working as a dock worker in Ibru Jetty before he made the decision to go to Italy through Libya. The boat he travelled in gave signs that it would not reach the destination but he defied the warnings it gave. Two women held their babies to the sky as the boat sank and the water covered them all.

The Nigerian man who lived in Ejigbo with his wife and young son saw his life flash before his own eyes as he ran to the other end of the boat that was still above the water. In no time, everything went down with him clinking to the empty oil gallon that saved his life.

Harrison with the friend who got married to his wife while he was presumed dead

Some Libyan hoodlums were said to have come along in a different boat hitting those who were struggling in the cold Mediterranean water. They did this to be sure they sank in the water and did not have a chance to survive.

Harrison, the captain and another survivor were taken into the boat by the hoodlums and beaten to a pulp. They woke up in a dungeon and their lives changed; they were not properly fed and this made one of the survivors die two days later.

He saw other Nigerians suffering worse fate and this made him really sad. People died daily and they were made to bury their own in the desert. His experience in Tripoli was terrible as he had to work to survive. He wore a cloth for a year as he could not afford to change it.

Harrison dreamt about T.B Joshua one night and his life changed. The UN released some names and he was one of those released eventually. He along with the other deportees was given two bags of rice each and seven million naira.

He returned home to being called a ghost as people thought he had died. He spent a total of five years in Libya including the two years he spent in the underground dungeon. His son had died and his wife had remarried when he was eventually led home.

His wife told him she could not wait as people told her he was dead. He went to the synagogue to share his testimony with the people of God. He stood with his friend, the man that got married to his wife, as he talked about his experience in Libya to people in the church.

Friend, Jesus came looking for you. Give your heart to Him, Love the Lord with all your heart, strength and might.  Love your neighbour as yourself, hold no offence, no bitterness - the Lord is near you to help you!


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