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Thirteen Blockchain Companies...... Makes the CBS Insights Fintech 250 Startup List


Thirteen Blockchain startup companies were included in the latest CBS Insights Fintech 250 startup list as of early October 2017. The report compiles “emerging fintech startups 
that are changing the face of the fintech industry.” It also cites the booming growth of the financial technology (fintech) sector.

The major industries where the bulk of the companies on the list come from include the processing and payment infrastructure, capital markets and trading and wealth management. Also included in the top six are mobile banking, business lending and merchant services.

The Blockchain industry, which is among the smaller industries in the fintech sector has Ripple, Blockstream, Blockstack, Chain and Xapo. These companies are all well-respected in their own rights.

Also included in the list are Coinbase, Brave, Digital Asset, Factom and bitFlyer, which are virtual currency exchanges trying to make things happen in the sector. Polybius, meanwhile, is among the major investors in Blockchain startup companies.

It can be noted that all of these companies are trying to implement their own innovative ways in their operations. So far, they are experiencing varying degrees of success. Ripple, for example, is implementing a different approach compared to its competitors.

Blockstream, meanwhile, is receiving a lot of criticism lately for allegedly hindering Bitcoin innovations.

Despite these developments, it is still good to see the inclusion of several digital currencies and Blockchain-related companies in the CBS Insights list. It is expected that a greater number of Blockchain and cryptocurrency firms will be included in the list in the near future.


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