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Technology Giants Incorporating Bitcoin .......Payment Options In Browser


Following massive adoption of bitcoin for online payment, some of the global technology giants have already started to incorporate bitcoin in their browser, using APIs designed for that purpose, for ease of online purchase and payment of goods and services.

Notable among the high tech companies include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others.

This year, the cryptocurrency market has seen a huge investor interest and participation, from investment in ICO, to buying and holding cryptocurrency, the enthusiasm has remained high leading to the market capitalization of bitcoin alone reaching a $100billion mark this month.

The newly developed APIs are being currently implemented across multiple browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Webkit, Microsoft Edge, Facebook in-app browser and the Samsung Internet browser. Upon activation, this API will allow new payment types for all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and few other Altcoins. The user will be able to select from the available payment options from the drop-down menu.

This will enable users to store their cryptocurrencies in their browser and use them as a traditional currency for all their online transactions.

Ian Jacobs, head of the payments activity at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) said  “This is a great opportunity for people to start writing blockchain-based payment method descriptions and to try to test the API. 

However, while integrating payment options into the browser is a welcome development, the security concerns is how to make the process safe and secured from potential external threats. 

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