Before you say 'Yes I Do' ........Consider these danger lights!

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Christian marriage is ever blessed, but the standard is high for today's young men and women.  The freedom in today's society has almost completely destroyed what used to be a christian marriage.

The marriage ordained by God has rules and conditions which both parties will have to strictly obey and then enter a marriage that can be likened to heaven on earth. 

More than any other time in history, a young man or woman wishing to get married must ensure the person he/she is marrying is ready for marriage. If he/she says yes, then lift up your bible to show him/her the requirements and conditions for happy marriage.  Marriage is a covenant relationship between God, the man and his wife.  In the covenant of marriage, the glory may never appear until each party fulfills their own part of the covenant.

Confirm its a Covenant
Both of you should study these scriptures until you see the person behaving like a married man or woman before you begin to walk of formalizing marriage.  Both of you should understand God's plan and purpose for marriage from the scriptures, as well as your different responsibilities.  These are the good foundations, and knowledge prospecting couples should have before they get together as husband and wife.

Whose daughter is she?
The second test is that of spiritual status of your partner.  You should who your spouse is in the spirit before you conclude the marriage.  This is important for the marriage to last and also fulfill its purpose.  Many people have married ladies, whom they call lovers and friends, but the spirit inside the woman is not of God. A You should test the spirit operating in the life of your proposed husband or wife.  Some people are your friends in the day, but at night they are enemies.  If you sleep at night, but your husband or wife leaves the body to attend a witchcraft meeting, you are alone in the spirit, the two of you are not together in the spirit, however close you may be in the physical.

It is a terrible thing for a born again christian to marry an agent of darkness.  It is going to be a struggle for you to serve God living and eating with that person.  I means that to live a holy life will be difficult, because holy living produces fire, which agents of darkness resists.  So, you will have to go to God in prayer, asking for spiritual status of your proposed spouse.  If you can observe some days of fasting and praying, it's worth it, but I can assure you that, this is one of the inquiries the Holy Spirit will be glad to provide answers to, if you are not in a hurry.  The answer can take long or it may not come at all.  If you spend quality time alone with God, seeking His opinion on a person and there is no response from Him, I believe, the silence means you should not go ahead.

You ask God to reveal if the person is truely born again, whether the person concerned is in darkness - In secret societies like witchcraft, occultism, illuminatti etc.  These are servants of Lucifer working to bring believers down, but in a subtle, slow and steady fashion.

Ask God to reveal if the woman or man is from the water.  We have seen many of them today, very innocent looking, harmless and quite, yet they are spiritual lions 'under cover' to get a target person to marry him or her, before you will see their true colour.  These people came from the water and are married in the water.  Others are sent from the water to hinder and bring down a particular child of God.   These are agents of Queen of the Coast, with Jezebel spirit.  They are very deadly to a child of God because they know how to quench the fire of God burning in the life of a believer after marriage.  

Insist on a child of Light
It is better you are single than marrying a spouse that is in darkness as a child of God.  A spouse in darkness is an enemy of light and so will he or she be to your heavenly agenda. They are the powers that turn a spirit filled believer to a  lukewarm christian over night.

Beloved, these few matters I mention above should be considered strongly by those wishing to get into marriage today.  Ignorance is not an excuse in law.  So many men has been wrongly exposed to demonic practices for which they need deliverance before marriage.  

If you marry an unbelieving person today, get ready for all kind of sexual pervertions which could lead you into worshiping the Queen of the Coast and water demons all in the name of sex in marriage.  The marriage ordained by God is a holy matrimony under Christ, not the one the husband and wife will give themselves to the doctrine and ways of Satan, because they are married to themselves.  This is what marine agents introduce to their marriage.  I wonder how a believing husband can think right, when wife is always naked at home.  Some women cook in the kitchen half naked.

There are strange behaviours that put the man in bondage of sex every day. Today, we hear of swingers in the Western countries, married couple who share their lives with another couple(s) and I ask for what purpose is this wickedness done - To satisfy their lust and do the bidding of their master Satan!...NO!.  Marriage is between the man and his wife alone, no third party comes in between them. These are the reasons why a child of God should carefully wakit on the Lord concerning who to get married to.

What is the meaning of loose marriage? - Perversion!
A marriage where the couples are free to sleep around with strangers.  Without mincing words, these are all abominations before the Lord.  Whoso ever is engaging in all these cannot be said to have known the know the Lord Jesus Christ and so that person is far from the commonwealth of heaven.

All the theology people write on marriage can only stand when these danger lights are addressed individually before marriage. The society is bad today because of the kind of marriages we have in society.  The devil has done so much havoc on good marriages, using poverty and doctrines of Satan to fight them.  Most of the children from confused homes are also confused about marriage.

All the Ten Keys to happy marriage, 21 or 50 keys to happy home has no meaning once you miss the point from the beginning.  I don't know about you, but my bible say God hates Divorce and no one that wants to see God can afford to do what God hates.  You have to endure whatever pains you meet in marriage with love, forgiving and forbearing all offences for the sake of heaven.  The last time I check on marriage in the bible, God's word remaineth the same that God hates Divorce!

Other Traps of the Devil include the following:
  • The devil want you to be married and still keep your old friends and acquantances - which is a doorway to your eventual divorce.

  • The devil deceive some sisters not to be submissive and loyal to their husbands, thereby denying them of the natural love of such men, which would have made them happy in their home.
  • The devil want you to be married and still share your emotional issues with your friends instead of your spouse onlyThe devil want you to be married and yet be lusting after other women, girls big and small - which is not the will of God.
  • The enemy wants you to be married and yet go back to your mother for advice all the time, instead of discussing and agreeing things with your spouse.
  • The devil does not want our ladies to know that they can easily become the 'mother' of their husbands with a heart and attitude of love towards them. Ladies used to ask me if that is ever possible and my answer is YES.  
  • If you prove to be a destiny helper to your husband, you have identified his calling in life and you are supporting him to succeed in his calling or profession, you will soon replace the mother in his heart and he will soon see only one woman in his life and that woman is you...
  • The  devil does not want the sisters to know that no man outside your marriage can love you better.  There are marriages from God, and the devil use to trouble such marriages with all kind os tests and trials, but the couple must know it is the devil and resist himThe devil want our sister to continue to look for favour from men after their marriage...NO.  
  • No more free lunch, somebody giving you lift from your house to your office and even dropping you off in the evening...You are opening your marriage for the devil to devour. Know you are now a married woman, pay for your transportation to and from work.Every unneccessary intimacy with any other man or woman outside of your spouce should STOP for good, otherwise, it is from these friends and old friends the devil will pull down the marriage
  • Let no one tempt the devil, he is smarter than you.  Do not toy with sin, no matter how small and if you discover you have any kind of addiction before marriage, I counsel you to seek deliverance.  Don't marry with an addiction in your life, the marriage is in danger. 
  • Whether the addiction is smoking, drinking, womanizing, drugs, pornography, stealing, fighting etc, please seek deliverance before you get married.  Seek deliverance or better still write to us and I can assure you that our prayer here will avail much for you by His grace.  Don't cover  up any sin - confess it and forsake the same and the Lord will show you mercy.
What men wants in a woman:

1. Every man is looking for a woman that will complete him.  I means a woman that will compliment him in a lot of wars.

2.  Men are looking also for destiny helpers, especially those in the low and middle glass categories.

3. Men are not looking for a spoilt-child or someone that will compete with him at home.  In life, you are at liberty to choose the kind of life that completes you. And when it comes to settling down, the same case applies. 

4. Humble and submissive woman - 
A woman who is opinionated and is able to make decisions on her own is attractive, but she must still be submissive unto the husband. She should be teachable and willing to cooperate with the husband when important decisions are to be taken.

5. She is real and straight forward.  
A woman that is open minded and not one that hides her information from the husband.  A hard working woman, compassionate and caring is always better than the women that argue and quarrel on every little issue.

6. A home builder
A home builder is a wise woman of God who fears the Lord and her family and she is ready to support her husband and take care of her children. She is patient with her husband family members and give peace to the family.   A young man married his wife while the younger brother was still living with him.  The new wife was patient till they moved into a bigger house.


The bible says what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.  The question is who joined you together in marriage - for those planning to get married, who is joining you together?  Is it God, which means Love or is it Lust, Money and Greed, Is it your parents? 

Are you getting married because you want to escape poverty or family trouble in your own parents house? Are you getting married to him because he has money, wealth or family inheritance?  Are you getting married because you love children and the Mr right is nowhere to be found, you decided to help God by getting pregnant for a strange man.  These are wrong motives for getting married.  You will agree with me that the way you make your bed is how you will lie on it.

Think marriage through, especially who to get married to.  It could make or mare your life.  To get married to a wrong person is a destiny error, which should be avoided.  Remember who you are in the Lord - A man or woman of broken spirit, meek and humble, hungry for righteousness, merciful and pure in heart.  You are patient, loving and full of joy always.  You are the salt and the light of the world to shine forth the truth in the word of God.  

You should be free from all hypocrisy, all lust and all selfishness.  You are a peace loving man or woman of God, therefore be patient and prayerfully wait for the right person for you.  Don't think you can marry any body and live happily with that person.  There a thousand of men and women who cannot manager your strict and disciplined lifestyle, so be patient.

Be a Good Christian Sister: 
She has resolved many contentious issues of marriage on her own because of the influence of the Word of God in her life.  Issues that breed disagreement for young couples like wearing Trousers, praying and studying the Word daily, the kind of friends to keep and the word of her communication.

She understands that the coming together with her suitor must have the hand and blessing of God with the evidence of peace of mind on both sides.  She understands that marriage is responsibility and hard work.  

She understands that she will make the man “complete” as it were and so there should be no need for competition.  She knows too well that each one of the man and woman has assigned responsibility from the Almighty God.

Prayer: She also understands the place of prayer in marriage, especially when things are going on well.  Because, you don’t know who the enemies are, but you know that the chief enemy Satan is never happy with a happy home, the woman and the man must give themselves to prayer, separately and collective through the family alter


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