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SOUTH AFRICA......Most of the "Sex workers" are Mothers - Rights Activists consider their rights.

Sex Rights Activists in South Africa are considering the law and its policing as it affects commercial sex workers, in a country where it is a crime to sell sex.  In SA, prostitution is of a strange kind, the majority of sex workers are not young adults and teens, rather mothers who are using the proceed of prostitution to provide for their families.

The issues involved are more of emotion as sex workers question how the police can enforce the law that bans selling sex, when they are using the money to feed and train their children.  They say the law says that all those who live off that money are all criminals. So now let's talk about how police enforce that law. How are you going to arrest a child going to school when the school fees are paid from sex work?"

In 2015, it was estimated that there could be "between 131,000 and 182,000 sex workers in South Africa, or between 0.76 and 1 % of the adult female population".

"Today, you have a population of very vulnerable people who aren't able to go to the police, who aren't able to report crimes, who aren't able to go to clinics, because the law says the work that they do to provide for their families is criminal," said Lakhani.

She said police abuse of sex workers was a national problem. Sex workers dealt with torture, rape and assault, bribes, corruption, and unlawful arrests in their line of work. Sonke received many complaints from sex workers about their treatment at the hands of police, Lakhani said.

An audience member, said police should not violate people's rights. "I support sex work and I advocate for sex work because I am also interested in buying sex. So if I want to buy sex then I should be able to, same as if someone wants to sell sex, they should be able to."

The audience displaying ignorance of the deeper issues involved in prostitution and why the state outlawed it, said he did not understand the concept of sex work and why people were doing it, but nonetheless felt that sex workers should be protected by the law.

They question who a sex worker is, when there are women out there who ask for money from their boyfriends or other men for nice clothes and expensive hair - are they not sex workers?"

The difference between sex workers and women who received money from boyfriends is that sex workers have chosen what they do as full time work!

Friend, Jesus came looking for you. Give your heart to Him, Love the Lord with all your heart, strength and might.  Love your neighbour as yourself, hold no offence, no bitterness - the Lord is near you to help you!


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